Who Invented Homework and Introduced the First Problems: Facts Students Must Know

Who Invented Homework and Introduced the First Problems: Facts Students Must Know

Have you ever wondered who was that “good man” who invented a bunch of problems for students all over the world in the shape of homework? Nothing appears from nowhere, so there are several versions concerning the invention of this type of academic activity.

The first claim belongs to the group of people who believe that Roberto Nevilis, a teacher from Venice, Italy, who was disappointed in the performance of his class, so he decided to punish the students in this original way. Since 1905, many students worldwide share hatred to that person. You can find a lot of school and college related memes online which reflect the attitude of most students towards Nevilis. However, some people name another time in history. Part of the student are sure that homework would be invented anyway, so there is nothing left rather than to accept this sad fact.

Another popular theory in education states that homework was first invented back in 1901 in California. American people believe their country is a home for this invention as it was officially abolished over there.

Anyway, many different websites name different time periods. Why should it matter when the homework was invented? The only thing students have to understand is the way it helps them with their educational process. Besides, homework has a lot of other beneficial aspects. Let’s talk about the way it works as well as the primary goals of this part of education system.

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History and Development of Homework Assignments in Europe and the United States

First signs of homework appeared with the first formal school. Of course, people can say that monks invented homework in 1859 as they were asked to practice singing after their vocational lessons. Still, it’s not the same kind of homework as the world knows today.

Since The Industrial Revolution, the first ideas concerning homework tasks were published. By that time, there were no long homework assignments; they mainly consisted of reading. Students in the United States spend hours on reading Western and world’s literature. They mostly read plays and scientific literature. This way to process information and write down the findings was the only one to check the knowledge of each student. In addition to homework assignments, there were college entrance tests. There were no school examinations at all!

Homework should not be treated as the punishment only. Otherwise, it would be canceled a long time ago. The fashion set by Nevilis from Venice was followed by other teachers all over the world. Now we know that homework was invented by the strict teacher from Italy. It really helped school children to develop a more serious approach to education.

During the entire school year, children have to complete numerous homework assignments on a variety of academic disciplines. Below, we will discuss why homework is an important part of any educational system, and why children should take it as a way to develop and progress rather than an obligation or punishment.

How Homework Helps to Provide Effective Learning and Better Education Community

In this part, we are going to convince young students in the effectiveness of homework. We will try to prove homework assignments lead to:

  • Complete educational system
  • Productive after-school time
  • Saved hours in class
  • Effective self-learning
  • Development of the needed academic skills
  • Efficient problem solutions

Nowadays, a homework assignment is not an obligation. Students simply lose points if they don’t manage to complete it. It’s not a punishment as it stimulates the educational process by helping students to get to the core of the problem. Modern children face homework tasks almost every time they return from school or college. It is an essential part of both education and self-learning. No teacher controls you at home, so it is possible to stop for a minute and dig deeper into the question or topic you don’t understand. It is possible to conduct a research and get full information on any educational issue.

School hours are not enough to fully cover, for example, a particular period in history. It requires more time to learn about the causes and consequences of World War II. Unlike a century ago, modern homework is related to the subject learned. It does not cover questions from other fields like patriotism. Parents don’t have to spend hours trying to check what their children have learned during the school day. Homework is the best way to learn more on the given question. The way students accomplish their homework assignments is called a grade. The highest grade, A+, stands for the best homework results.

What is more important, no matter whether you take history or math class, the total of your grades earned per homework and tests will become your GPA by the end of the school education. In the educational system, a great point average proves that students have learned their lessons well. Pupils may sue their best homework results even to get a future job.

Since the Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, people had to demonstrate certain skills to get a job. Homework assignments get modern European and American students ready not only to take job responsibility but search for a better life.

Recent Help and Solutions to Any Homework Questions

Today, there are many types of homework assignments. You are most likely to be assigned the following homework tasks:

  • Essays (get free examples online)
  • Research papers
  • Answers to math or science questions
  • English grammar home-taken tests
  • Lab reports
  • Coursework projects

The difficulty of these homework assignments depends on the academic level:

  1. High school
  2. College
  3. University
  4. Master
  5. Ph.D.

There are times when students get stuck on the specific history or business question as they lack experience and skills. Don't forget that modern children can go online and find whatever they need to complete their homework on different educational websites. Every educational system offers help in the shape of official college or university websites. Search for the websites which have .edu at the end of their address to get the most accurate information on your homework assignments.

Modern times allow students to complete their homework using their computers and other digital devices. They can send the results by email if they learn remotely. They may print out the paper and pass it to the teacher if they attend traditional school classes.

The educational system of today allows students to spend fewer hours on doing their homework and dedicate more time to their community, friends, and parents. Teachers also save their time by having no need to check every homework manually.

How to Do Homework Fast

If you are not a fan of doing homework, like a majority of students, you may need some tips on how to cope with it faster. Check these helpful pieces of advice

  • start early
  • create favourable enviroenment
  • no social media and gadgets that distract you
  • take breaks
  • have healthy snack
  • do you homework with a friend
  • get academic assistance

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