Homework Help Websites for High-School and College Students

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Top 10 Free Homework Help Websites
Table of Contents
  1. Homework Help Websites for High-School and College Students
  2. Free Homework Help Websites
  3. Homework Help for High School
  4. Answers
  5. Khan Academy
  6. Discovery Education
  7. Paul’s Online Math Notes
  8. Math Pickle
  9. Homework Help Websites for College Students
  10. Chegg
  11. King County Library System
  12. Cramster
  13. CampusBug
  14. Student Question
  15. My Tutorials Education
  16. Final Thoughts

Using free homework help websites is not embarassing. According to recent surveys, around 64% of people involved in the academic field do online tutoring and provide academic assistance, and 30% plan to join them. While some people insist that online college homework help site is the root of all evil, others are sure such sites improve students’ performance at school. Such services are helpful and can deliver professional assistance on 'do my homework for me' request. But one should choose wisely.

The competition makes it difficult to choose homework help websites (such as math answer app) for college students and high school. That’s why we have decided to compile only the best study help websites that may come in handy next time you do an assignment.

Free Homework Help Websites

Some students may wonder, but it is not necessary to spend tons of money on online help with homework. It is enough to open a question-answer website that will ease your learning process and help you finish homework. It is possible to find plenty of such websites on the Internet without having to invest a cent. The list of the websites offering student homework help services in this review is credible, time-tested, and affordable.
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Homework Help for High School  

Below you will find 5 best homework help websites that may assist you in high-school. These sites may be useful even if you are studying at college.


Looking for a school help website to address your homework-related queries? Answers is a website to consider while studying at school or college. Here, you can get answers for most questions on various subjects. But do not rely on each response you see. Students like you may leave their replies there, but they are not 100% correct. In some cases, students may find sufficient explanations to their questions on this website (e.g., how to write a 1000 word essay). Still, it is important to read more information on who posted this or that answer to see whether you can trust this person.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides valuable, detailed interpretations of multiple concepts. A Harvard’s graduate launched this non-commercial project some time ago to let every student from across the globe obtain a high-quality education in any part of the world. Both high-school and college students can find more than 4,200 study collections related to:

  • Math
  • History
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Astronomy
  • Physics
  • Healthcare & medicine
  • Arts & visual arts
  • Computer science

On top of that, this site provides assistance with college application exams. SAT, ACT, GMAT and AP English essay examples are just a few of them. 

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is one of the best websites to help with homework. It creates standards-based digital content for K-12. You can find multiple digital books, multimedia files, and other resources for professional growth in the chosen field. The website is available in more than 50 countries. The goal of the project is to both assist young students with their projects and inspire them to learn more about a future career.

Paul’s Online Math Notes

Paul’s Online Math Notes belongs to the category of math homework help websites. If Math is the worst nightmare for you, it will be a real blessing! Students can even use available homework cheat sheets in class – watch out not to get into trouble! This homework help site can help with all disciplines related to Math. 

Find different math notes and tutorials to succeed in the following subjects:

  • Algebra learning
  • Geometry
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Calculus III
  • Differential Equations

The notes are simple! Train by solving math problems to get ready for the class.

Math Pickle

This website is one of the best answers to the question, “What website can help me with my math homework?” It is a common request among the high-school students. Unlike the previous option on the list, this math homework website is more of a fun & entertainment type. The primary goal of this online platform is to offer the best K-12 Math topics, interactive videos and presentations, and fun games to solve problems.

After observing homework help websites for high school, some students may be interested in exploring some good websites for college.
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Homework Help Websites for College Students

This section helps to pick a website to help with homework if you study in college. Check the reviews below to choose the website that can assist you with any college homework assignment.


Need to find a cheap book to do your homework? With study site Chegg, getting affordable resources won’t be a challenge! Here you can both purchase and rent necessary books for your research. Not many students know, but Chegg also provides scholarships. On top of that, this platform offers academic assistance that won’t cost a fortune. 

King County Library System 

King County Library System Research is a nice study help site for the young researchers. Studying in college is about conducting different research to collect the best ideas. You need to brainstorm and provide valuable evidence to defend arguments. Look no further if you need a homework website for decent research. Learn how to structure a research paper or find examples of limitations in research. The project allows finishing assignments faster and better.


Cramster is one of the best homework help websites for college students. It was created to serve different people. From practice problems and essay prompts to valuable study tips on how to write an essay from the experts, the website offers everything college students and their professors need to boost the literacy rates.


CampusBug is one of the free homework help websites that improve the communication channels between students and their tutors. It is a student’s online community. The website proposes a variety of helpful tools, literature, and other types of resources to let students complete their academic projects on any topic.

Student Question 

Student Questions is a place to post a question related to your homework assignment. This time, a student may be confident that the person who leaves a reply to the question knows the correct answer – the responders are only the best online tutors available out there.

My Tutorials Education 

My Tutorials Education is a platform full of useful online homework tutorials. From college algebra tutorials to physics homework tutorials, you will find guides for any discipline. Each of these online tutorials were designed by expert tutors in a way every student understands the topic no matter how complex it is.

Final Thoughts

We have covered 11 smart options to get rid of the worst nightmare – assignments! They are different and provide various services, but each site is free. But sometimes students may run out of time and need a quality homework assignment ASAP instead of wasting time on reading guides or articles. In such case, it would be reasonable to try online writing services. 

One of the best online websites where students can obtain effective assistance along with the ready solutions is Just Do My homework. Their expert writers will help you with any type of academic assignment before the deadline is up. Entrust your homework to this online writing service and get a quality paper written by academic professionals!