How to Do Homework: Organizing, Motivating and Getting a Little Bit of Help

How to Do Homework: Organizing, Motivating and Getting a Little Bit of Help

One of the essential questions of modern students is how to do homework fast. Students wonder if the amount of assignments they receive is fair regarding their schedule. The third thing these students care about is how to do homework to catch up with the deadline. The article explains what the healthy amount of assignments is and gives a hint on how to do your homework without delays.

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How to Do Homework? Deciding on the Healthy Amount of Assignments

Children are not robots, but many teachers tend to forget it by forcing them to complete large amounts of difficult assignments. Even 4th-grade kids complain of having a minimum of 5 subjects to cover per night. What is a professional opinion? The experts suggest that an average school child should spend no more than 10-15 minutes per day on solving after-class assignments in the 1st grade. The amount of tasks increases by 10 minutes each new grade. It does not mean the high school graduates should suffer from 2 hours of after-class tasks every day. If the 10-minute is broken, the children face stressful situations. They lead to severe problems with:

  • Sleep
  • Mental health
  • Physical condition, especially eyesight
  • Part-time job
  • Close people
  • Hobby

Is it fair? No, it is not. That is why several teachers from the respected schools have gathered together to come up with an interpretation of how to do your homework fast, no matter which grade a student is studying in.

After reading the given article, focus on discovering the ways to cheat on a homework assignment with the help of these smart student’s tips.

How to Do Your Homework Fast without Getting Distracted?

It is critical to know how to do homework without getting distracted. Any sort of distraction in the surrounding environment may lead to the writer’s block – a student gets stuck in the start/middle of a writing process. Every author fears the writer’s block. It is possible to overcome this phenomenon by implementing several effective ways to avoid being distracted.

  • A well-lit environment is a clue to success. The worst things to do the assignments are floor and bed because the student will remain uncomfortable throughout the process. Choose a sofa/chair next to the table to start reading/writing/memorizing. Doing homework in a bed may result in a deep sleep. A place should be well-lit, meaning the present light is okay for the student's eyes during the reading/writing process.
  • Isolate yourself from electronic devices. Any type of online communication is forbidden while a student is doing the tasks; turn off the social network accounts. Read the messages from friends later. Online communication is not urgent, like a school or college assignment. It is better to switch off the TV, turn off the radio, close the door along with the windows to stay focused on the matter. A modern student will need a computer. Be honest with yourself and leave the websites related to studies on the screen after switching off the fun sites. Do not be afraid to turn off the mobile device – those who are close to you should be aware of the next day AP exam/test/assigned project. They will not disturb you.
  • Set up some website-blocking applications available online to prevent yourself from visiting gaming websites or social networks.
  • Install a timer. Decide on the amount of time required to complete a specific task – if you fail to complete the mission, the alarm will let you know. It might mean it is time to change the tactic. The timer will reveal the strengths & weaknesses by highlighting the activities that require most of the student’s time and those that are time-consuming.
  • Asking help is okay, but do not get involved in a long conversation. Ask a question if one of the parents is at home or some of the older guys are available, and return to work once they provide help.

How to Finish Homework Fast to Catch Up with Deadline?

To understand how to finish homework fast, a student should pay attention to the process of planning & organizing. It depends on the amount of time a student plans to spend on each task.

Put supplies in order meaning it is critical to wipe the working place every week to keep the things organized. Make sure the required study materials are ready ahead: textbooks, laptop/PC, class notes, supporting tools, chancellery, and other relevant sources. If a computer is the main equipment, use it.

Come up with the homework evening plan. Do not grab the 1st textbook in the bag to start analyzing it – it may be the wrong source to begin with. Here are the expert steps in doing homework fast and easy:

  1. Think about the amount of time to dedicate to the entire homework.
  2. Create a list of the various assignments to complete overnight.
  3. Calculate the amount of time a student would need to spend on each assignment to get ready with the papers when prompted.
  4. Cross tasks off while working on the homework step-by-step.
  5. Get to homework once you return from school/college. If a student is looking for the answer to question “how to get homework done fast”, he/she should realize it is important not to postpone the start to the last minute. It is better to get done with after-class tasks and feel free. Spend the rest of the evening with family, friends, playing a favorite game, watching TV, or else knowing that you have nothing left to do.
  6. Set priorities. Life is about setting priorities, and when it comes to learning how to get homework done, it is not an exception. Write an “A”/Roman numeral next to the most valuable, urgent homework assignment given by the teacher (the rest of the letters determine the order of tasks). This way, a student risks failing the least important assignments. If you decide to turn to the professional writing team online, you risk missing nothing as these guys do their job with the speed of light.

How Do I Get Motivated to Do My Homework?

Many students ask, “How do I get motivated to do my homework if no one is there to pay me?” It is important to realize you obtain something more valuable than money – knowledge.

  • Taking breaks is a must. It is wrong to work without a deep breath. Take a brief 5-10-minute break every 25-30 minutes to let the brain and eyes rest from the hard work. It would be great to have a walk as a fresh air stimulates brain activity.
  • How do you do homework without good motivation? A good motivation is some type of reward in the mind of most students, no matter whether it is a material thing or not. That is what makes the study process fun. If your parents do not pay you, come up with personal prizes to motivate yourself (examples: sweets, 30 minutes of a favorite show, playing a favorite game for 20 minutes, getting a new teddy, meeting with friends, etc.) Think about punishments as well.
  • Watch your health! A student should think about health in the first turn: drink water all the time, consume healthy food (people who are involved in the activities associated with their brain lose more calories than others), and do not go late to bed. What is the benefit of being good at planning? A student with such skill will not face a need to do all assignments during a single night without having a healthy sleep.

How to Do Your Homework without Doing It

We have a single answer to 2 critical questions: how to get lots of homework done fast and how to do your homework without doing it. Would you like to learn the answer?

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