Why is Homework Important in Learning Process

Why is Homework Important in Learning Process
Table of Contents
  1. Why is Homework Important in Learning Process
  2. The Debates about Homework
  3. Why is Homework Important?
  4. Conclusion

It is hard to argue with a lot of researches that show the pitfalls of homework. Yet, the benefits prevail and you keep getting your math, literature, and history homework every day. Leave the arguments to scholars and other educators, and take care of your home assignment. If you feel like homework is overwhelming and you cannot complete it all you need is to modify your learning process. It influences your final grade, your knowledge, and your relationships with the teachers. Whatever your attitude to homework is, the only truth now is that you have to do it. If you are still struggling with your homework, if you ask I need help with my home work, it is high time to understand why homework is important.

It is crucial to understand the benefits of homework. It is aimed at enlightening a child and bringing more details to the topic discussed during the class. It is a well-known fact that a teacher or any other educator is not able to deliver the material extensively within the academic lesson. For improvement of the student, success educators are trying to give as much as possible for the children to read or practice at home. At times, they do not expect students to complete the whole assignment. They want them to go as deep as possible into the topic. 

The Debates about Homework 

There is the right place and time for everything. For example, if the child is given homework in kindergarten then something went wrong. When a student gets a task to write an essay in high school it is an inevitable part of the learning process. The supporters of home assignments provide a lot of valid arguments. It is worth looking at them before you completely reject this notion. 

Here's why the homework is necessary:

  • It lets students practice what they learned during the lesson.
  • It lets students process and digest the information and see the gaps in knowledge.
  • It lets the teacher a chance to test the understanding of the subject and skills acquired.

Unlike the supporters of home tasks, the opposition has a lot of spiteful comments. Among them are the arguments that are often generated by busy parents reluctant to participate in their children’s school life. Among the arguments they provide are the following:

  • It extends the time the child spends studying which is mentally exhausting.
  • It requires parental help with homework which is not always possible.
  • It gives the teacher a chance to explain less and leave more for the self-study.

All these arguments make sense for some people and have negative effects on the students. What is important is to focus on the benefits that children have from doing the homework and forget about the selfish reasons adults may have. 

Why is Homework Important? 

The rule that practice makes perfect has been valid for ages and nobody managed to prove it wrong. Since homework is a way to practice something you learned, it is a way to take your skills to the level of perfection. What are the reasons that persuade you that homework is important? 

  • It makes you understand the topic better. Certain subjects come as a burden for children. They feel confused during the lesson but are afraid to admit it. Only by doing the homework, the questions appear. With the questions, the educator gets a clue on the gaps in knowledge. 
  • It makes you revise the material. It happens that a lesson was no fun for a student but it is vital to revise the material. With the help of fun assignments like a presentation, the student can use the imagination to use interesting visuals and revise the boring stuff at the same time.
  • It promotes the independent work of a student and forces them to think and analyze. Let’s say a student has an assignment to write a creative essay. Doing it at home lets the child be in a calm environment to produce an essay using the skills acquired during the language or literature lesson. It does not require the help of parents or teachers, it is a chance for a student to show the skills or gap in knowledge.


Although every generation of students complains about the school/college/university home tasks, nobody ever took the complaints seriously. It is a meaningful and vital part of the learning process. With giving the important homework to students, the teacher gets a chance to check their level of knowledge and assess the curriculum. It is up to a teacher to make your homework fun but they do not always care about that. Take into account the fact that not every subject is important for a student. In case you have a list of tasks you do not want to complete, use homework apps or address the professional team that can do it easily.