How to Write a Movie Review & Impress Your Reader?

How to Write a Movie Review & Impress Your Reader?
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write a Movie Review & Impress Your Reader?
  2. What’s Special About Movie Review Writing?
  3. Features of Movie Review Writing
  4. 1. Emotions and Relevance
  5. 2. Title
  6. 3. Introduction
  7. 4. Analysis
  8. 5. Your Review Personality
  9. 6. Conclusion
  10. Points to Be Evaluated for Movie Review Writing
  11. Scenario
  12. Directing
  13. Camera Work
  14. Musical Work
  15. Visualization
  16. How to Write a Movie Review - General Tips to Follow
  17. Rules for Writing Movie Reviews

It is sometimes not enough to watch a film to write a good movie review. Interesting and professional reviews require knowing some nuances of cinematography and following several rules on work contents, structure, and information architecture. You should know them all. If you wonder how to write a movie review to impress a reader with the professional approach and expert film evaluation, we have prepared a comprehensive guide covering all important aspects of review writing. Discover world best tips for movie review writing from Just Do My Homework.

What’s Special About Movie Review Writing?

Before taking movie review writing to work, it is important to understand the main features of the task as well as its basic differences from simple viewer feedback. The latter is usually a short comment. There the author states his opinion about the film, which is a subjective assessment. On the other hand, a review is an expert opinion. It is based on professional assessment and analysis. It is not as simple as a world peace essay. 

Taking into account all the aspects of writing, a movie review can be called a detailed annotation to the film. The task of the reviewer is to provide an objective assessment of the work, that is, explain all its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, being in-the-know is critical. It is great if you know how to write a definition essay or any other paper. It will help you at least to start.

Features of Movie Review Writing

Just like any other type of writing, a movie review has a number of distinctive features. These are the document structure, tone of voice, information architecture, and a list of contents.

1. Emotions and Relevance

The movie review should be written immediately, as soon as you watched this film, as the relevance of your work will decrease every day. From the date of its launch, more and more people will watch the film themselves. So they will not need your assessment anymore. What is more, a text rich in emotions is much more interesting than editorial writing with boring and static facts. So it’s worth watching the film with a notebook and pen at hand so that you can make notes for yourself, which you can then use in your work.

2. Title

To grab the attention of readers from the very beginning, it is worth formulating an intriguing and eye-catching title. Do not forget to specify the name of the film in the title of the paper so that a reader could understand what it is all about.

3. Introduction

In the introduction, it is worthwhile to colorfully present the idea of the film. You are to describe its plot. But the intrigue in the film is not disclosed. If you reveal everything, readers will not say thanks for it. What’s more, you should never go on a banal retelling. It's a bad and unprofessional approach.

4. Analysis

Do a film analysis. Did the director deliver the main idea to the audience? Did the play surprise the actors? Were there any special effects, scenery, or music in the film? A paper you work on should answer all these questions in details; prepare a thesis first. Have you ever written a concert report assignment? So, you should have some skills for analyzing.

5. Your Review Personality

You can give your own assessment of the film, but do not forget that objectivity comes first.

6. Conclusion

The last but the most important thing you have to do is to analyze all the points and make a conclusion; what is the target audience of this film; what information does it provide; what is the main idea behind the scenes; did the director manage to deliver the intended message/ interest the viewer; instead of just listing your thoughts, you are to provide arguments.

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Points to Be Evaluated for Movie Review Writing

There is a list of things you should pay attention to when evaluating a film and writing its assessment. Here are some of them.


Remember that the script that is served by the filmmakers can reach thousands of pages, but in the process of working with the director and producer, the screenwriter makes concessions and cuts it by several times, sometimes by half. However, a good script is easy to see in dialogues, the completion of the scenes, the sequence and logic of events, the culmination place, etc; so when watching a movie, we cannot fail to notice all this.


The work of actors in a particular scene, the work plan - it all depends on the director. If you have already encountered the work of this director, you can analyze the genres in which he usually shoots, compare his previous works with this one, and make a conclusion about the approach to shooting.

Camera Work

The operator complements the director. There must be harmony between them, which can be seen in the frame. Depending on the angle the camera performance will be carried out, the overall picture will be taken.

Musical Work

Some scenes are remembered to us due to some kind of soul-giving background music, or, conversely, music can cause fear, pain, almost any emotion. The director should convey the atmosphere of the film as precisely as possible to the composer and pick the appropriate options for the musical frame. Mention this information in your work.


A paper may include an assessment of the visual side of the film. What impression did the costumes, special effects make on us? Were they relevant? Did they complement the main happening on the screen?

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How to Write a Movie Review - General Tips to Follow

We will guide you. Being is one of the genres of art criticism and journalism, movie review writing should reflect the following elements:

  • a summary of the film;
  • author's point of view;
  • evaluation of the acting of actors, character, directors, and the entire support service team involved in the process;
  • recommendations for viewing.

You create the paper so that the reader can decide whether the movie is worth watching or it is better not to waste his time in it; the main thing here is that the opinion of the author is to be independent/ objective. Only in this case, he can give a more accurate assessment and evaluation.

Rules for Writing Movie Reviews

  • Start writing once you watch a movie. So it will be possible to better and more accurately transmit the information. Of course, impressions from watching a movie in the cinema are different from watching the same at home. Consider that. So in order to compile a professional review, pirated quality should be completely excluded.
  • Get down to the business. Watch a movie with a notebook and pen at hand; once the session finishes, note down the main points that you liked and a vivid impression made.
  • The introduction should briefly reflect the main idea of ​​the film; you can also not down the main messaging of the plot or list the names of the actors; remember that you should interest the reader from the very beginning, but it doesn’t mean that should disclose all cards or do the annoying retelling.
  • Analyze movies. Make a conclusion about whether the main idea is realized. Write the highlights you like.
  • Give the general impression of the film, but you should in no case give a personal assessment. This is what distinguishes the review from ordinary feedback.
  • Don’t forget about conclusions. In this part of your writing, you should designate what exactly the viewer will receive after watching this movie and if he can learn anything from it.

Once the work is ready, carefully re-read the paper. You should also make sure it provides full information about the film and highlights all its features. Remember that a reader should find clear information about the movie quality. He should understand what experience to expect.

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