Summer Homework: Is It Worth Student’s Time?

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Summer Homework: Is It Worth Student’s Time?

An Advanced Placement (AP) is a special educational program available in the United States and Canada. The College Board developed it to propose college-level curricula and tests for high school students. It is a perfect way to get ready for the college life. Doing AP summer homework increases the chances of the participating students to achieve high goals. The article explains how to do summer homework and, to persuade students in its importance, gives reasons to train during vacation.

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Is Summer Homework Beneficial?

To make it short: yes, summer homework is beneficial. We will name top benefits the students get while studying in summer:

  1. Summer homework helps to master time management;
  2. Students develop problem-solving skills;
  3. It is one more chance to review & understands studied material better;
  4. Ability to learn the ways to set priorities;
  5. Working independently = becoming independent;
  6. Summer assignments make the students organized and decisive;
  7. It evaluates the level of current knowledge;
  8. Such practice points to the weak points;
  9. Spend more time with parents if they understand the subject;
  10. Taking responsibility.

How to Do Summer Homework? Useful Tips & Tricks from Clever Students

We have collected the most helpful tips that will assist a student struggling with summer homework. Check them out to see how to finish homework faster:

1. Planning saves

To begin with, it is important to create a schedule. Summer homework is like a daily job in some company: it will not be productive without a details plan of actions. AP summer homework is more responsible than a regular school or college after-class assignment. Students who manage to succeed with their AP classes may obtain a grant or extra course credits and prepare gor the hardest majors in college. Another way is to write a powerful scholarship essay, but completing summer homework assignments at the highest level is an easier way.

No matter how long your summer vacation seems, start early and don't wait for the school year to start. Postponing summer homework assignments is the worst thing high school/college students may do because it is a recipe for disaster. Buy a cheap calendar to come up with milestones manually (or use a calendar on the favorite mobile device). Leave time for breaks. Are there several books offered by the AP English Composition & Literature teacher? Students usually have to read a couple of books during the summer vacation, and they should pay attention to the page counts to divide the total amount by the days-off. The obtained amount would be a minimum amount per day.

2.Think About Valuable Rewards to Solve Summer School Homework

While teachers reward their students with the highest scores, students should think about personal rewards when it comes to summer homework assignments. Base the rewards on personal milestones. Student’s tastes & references matter to motivate one to try hard. Take some index cards to add purposes/milestones and put down the type of reward you gain depending on the level of complexity. The most effective way is to place these cards on a refrigerator as stickers. Seeing an anticipated film, having favorite cheesecake, dating with a close friend, spending some time on video games, and some other things will do.

3.Keep in Touch with Classmates/Teachers

This idea will create a learning atmosphere every student needs in summer. Without a corresponding atmosphere, students risk forgetting about education. In case a student does not understand the particular summer homework task, a tutor or peer will lend a helping hand with the following disciplines (most students call them the most challenging):

  • AP United States History
  • AP Calculus BC Problems
  • AP Literature
  • AP English Composition
We've got some AP English Language and Composition essay examples that might be handy during your summer classes.

4.Explore Related Learning Materials

Do not stop learning! Summertime is the best season of the year to explore the world around. Thanks to the Internet and IT progress, students have access to various types of sources. While on vacation, do not ignore the importance of repeating the studied material with the help of the following sources:

  • Textbooks
  • eBooks
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Academic journals
  • Scholarly articles
  • Documentaries
  • Movies 
  • Websites
Teachers often assign to write movie reviews for summer homework. Learn how to write a film review together with our experts.

5.Combine Education and Leisure

Go to the New York state's Finger Lakes to study geology. This destination has one of the best glass and other minerals museum titled the Corning Museum of Glass. To learn more about the history of the United States and the rest of the world, one should attend Washington, D.C.'s plethora of museums and monuments. It is a chance to see the US capital! If a student studies history or archeology in-depth, Indianapolis and Dinosphere are the two best options to find in the United States. A Space Camp is a dream of every young astronaut. Students have an opportunity to ride real spaceships, study the Milky Way, contact aliens, etc. the great idea is to visit these destinations with family or friends. These ideas prove that homework is fun

6.Do not Stop to Face Challenges

Is summer homework beneficial? The answer is 100% because it prevents the students from forgetting what they know and sets new challenges to face. We can say the same about new challenges such as learning one more language, attending computer courses, preparing independent research, keeping a journal, etc. facing your phobias is one more interesting option! You can discuss the way you overcome the fear of the dark in class later. So next time you ask 'Why is homework important,' remember: the top physicians, nurses, tutors, lawyers, and students improve their performance at their trades by setting up challenges. That is why experts recommend taking minimum one AP class in summer. It will not be overwhelming to pass a single course. Choose one based on personal interests, preferences, purposes, and future career goals.

Trick: Courses like AP Biology and Statistics are easier than those students face in college. It makes sense to get enrolled in some difficult classes during the summertime to handle them simpler when the opening college semester comes.

7.Summer School Homework Can Be Fun

Another good idea is to utilize the problems you may face to detect the course-specific strengths and weaknesses. Any problems with literature-heavy courses? Find every subject’s list of recommended literature to obtain a kick start on the books that the tutor will assign during the semester.

To learn how to do summer homework, start practicing! Sooner or later, each student discovers it is better to keep on training at least a bit to impress the tutors and peers at the beginning of the school semester. Earn yourself a cookie! Do not forget about the opportunity to order professional summer essay writing help online to speed up the learning process!

 So, Should Students Be Given Summer Homework?

The question is rather debatable and it is difficult to give a specific answer to it. On the one side,  summer is time for students not to go to schools, forget about math and science, grades, receiving enourmous amount of information every week, reading lots of books and other resources, as well as completing assigned tasks and activities. On the other side, it is not the reason to forget everything they've learnt. Thus, we support the idea of balance in summer homework. If the number of the assigned tasks is too high, you should not struggle with that on your own. In such cases, it is reasonable to use online homework help services. The professional  witers will find all the necesary sources and information to help you manage all the assignments, and will allow you enjoy your summer vacation.