80 Best Narrative Essay Topics to Amaze Your Audience

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80 Best Narrative Essay Topics to Amaze Your Audience
Table of Contents
  1. 80 Best Narrative Essay Topics to Amaze Your Audience
  2. What Is a Narrative Essay?
  3. How to Choose Narrative Essay Topics?
  4. List of Good Narrative Essay Topics
  5. Narrative Essay Topics for College Students
  6. Literacy Narrative Essay Topics
  7. Narrative Essay Topics on Social Media
  8. Narrative Essay Topics for Music Lovers
  9. Narrative Essay Ideas on Sports and Games
  10. Narrative Essay Topics Ideas on Gender Roles
  11. Narrative Essay Topics on Traveling
  12. Narrative Essay Topics on Religion and Morality
  13. Funny Narrative Stories
  14. Personal Narrative Essay Topics
  15. How to Write a Narrative Essay?
  16. Conclusion

Are you fond of telling interesting stories? If yes, it's essential to know how to choose excellent narrative essay topics and follow the necessary assignment directions to develop a brilliant paper. 

Check out our compiled list of essay ideas from expert writers who complete homework on a regular basis. Find many original ideas, including education, friends, family, work, favorite movie, childhood experiences, personal success, and others. 

What Is a Narrative Essay?

Before we move to the next step, which is making a topic choice, let's make sure we understand the definition of a narrative essay. It's pretty simple. This academic assignment is a paper that tells a story from writer's perspective. The main goal is to share some memoir and specify all reasons for suggesting it. Students should show which experience they got after being through that specific occasion. One also needs to rely on specific paper settings, disputes, solutions, and decisive moments. 

How to Choose Narrative Essay Topics?

Decision-making of which narrative essay topics to choose is essential for writing such type of paper. Consider personal life experiences in the framework of your academic assignment and select one you prefer speaking about. Even a tiny incident can turn into the best plot. It should be an instructive story and convey meaning. Check some other helpful tips which you may find handy while choosing narrative essay topics:

  • Be personal
  • Stay clear
  • Describe a memorable moment in your life
  • Observe everything happening around you
  • Imagine all possibilities
  • Reflect on your personality
  • Use 1st-person narration 

If you cannot choose good ideas for essays, try the following. Brainstorm and write down all the thoughts that come to mind. Then, select the one you like the most and narrow it down and make sure you will manage to cover it in your paper. You can also google the topic, do some research and get some insights or even further inspiration.

If you feel lost and still don't know how to find the best subject for your paper, check this list of excellent narrative essay topics below. 
college students

List of Good Narrative Essay Topics

Our dedicated experts have prepared a list of great narrative essay topics for you to consider. Check them out and choose one to your liking.

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students 

Aiming at writing a straightforward narrative that impresses your teacher or another reader? Need topic prompts for composing a great speech? Movie review? Consider making your paper writing topic choice from these:

  1. Interesting books for college students to buy and read
  2. The best movie or TV series you've ever watched
  3. The best thing you've seen during your visit to a local museum
  4. Memorable poems that you've read this summer
  5. The best book you've ever read
  6. Reasons to start an online learning blog.
  7. The best authors and their literary pieces
  8. Describe why you like writing
  9. Do you have your diary or journal?
  10. Would you agree to exchange paper notes for their digital versions? 

Need more ideas or inspiration? Our informative writing topics are at your disposal. Read and choose something interesting for yourself.

Literacy Narrative Essay Topics 

Everyone knows the general benefits of education. Still, you can go further in your narrative essay and research in detail how reading and writing influence children. A particular problem of understanding text or cunning writing technique – all of that could contribute to a top-notch paper! You might find some of these topics curious as well:

  1. History of literature for children
  2. My decision of pursuing my career in any field of choice
  3. Multiple levels of understanding a book
  4. Top 5 dead languages that still matter today 

Narrative Essay Topics on Social Media

A topic on social media's role in everyday life, business story, or study should be an easy way to establish contact with your audience. Check out these essay ideas for your papers:

  1. How you decided to delete your Facebook account
  2. Any video or picture that went viral on Instagram
  3. The most memorable moment on Twitter
  4. A tweet or Facebook message you wish you've never written
  5. Why you envy people who use Instagram
  6. The rise of Facebook or any other social media platform
  7. How TikTok helps in social media marketing
  8. Why you like sharing pictures
  9. How often do you use your Twitter account? 
  10. Does any Facebook story make you sad?
  11. Are you afraid that parents will read your social media posts one day?

Narrative Essay Topics for Music Lovers 

One good topic idea is writing a narrative essay about your aesthetic views. Alternatively, you can compose a research paper with a review of some cultural and historical musical trends you love:

  1. The best songs you listen to when hanging out with your friends
  2. Your karaoke experience
  3. Your favorite metal band
  4. Story of the tune that inspires you
  5. Pop-music celebrities and their incredible lives
  6. The growth of modern hip-hop culture
  7. Musicians who failed fans because of drug abuse
  8. The best songwriters of modern times
  9. Your favorite musical works
  10. Do you agree that Afro music pop takes over in Africa?
  11. Who is the person who introduced you to your favorite audio genre?

Narrative Essay Ideas on Sports and Games 

Love sport activities? Often engage in gaming? How about several words in your paper about your skills, discussing complex problems you've learned about, or talking about a challenging situation? Here are some suggestions for an excellent narrative essay:

  1. An injury you had when playing soccer
  2. An exciting sport experience
  3. The game you like watching or playing
  4. Childhood games that you will remember for the rest of your life
  5. How regular exercises transformed you
  6. Would you participate in a professional American football match if you had a chance?
  7. Story of the greatest football rivalry
  8. Your most exciting gaming experience
  9. Corruption cases that affect the modern football game
  10. Reasons why you enjoy watching rugby
  11. What game would you redesign if you had a chance? 

Narrative Essay Topics Ideas on Gender Roles

Modern problematic social questions are a good topic choice for a great case study or speech. To add some new information or interesting themes, consider ideas to compare and contrast. Here are some hot essay writing themes you can try for a valid point:

  1. Differences between female and male roles.
  2. Why you're a feminist
  3. Being harassed and catcalling in the streets
  4. Gender biases in universities and how they are affecting studying.
  5. How much did you have to do to get a perfect body?
  6. Do you think that parents expect less from daughters than sons? 

Narrative Essay Topics on Traveling

Exotic places, changes of surroundings, unknown lifestyle you've learned about, and meeting people abroad – sound like lots of story material to create a narrative essay:

  1. Your dream vacation
  2. Biographies of space tourists
  3. Famous landmarks you've seen
  4. The craziest adventure with your friends
  5. Your unforgettable road trip
  6. How traveling affects your personality and life
  7. Your journey to tropical forests
  8. The most remarkable thing to come from nature
  9. Would you like to visit any foreign country?
  10. If you were to go anywhere in the world, where would you travel? 

Narrative Essay Topics on Religion and Morality

A controversial, challenging topic about faith or morality can be a good choice for a narrative essay. Here you can point out a problematic situation, call for a change or make a personal statement:

  1. Ethical dilemmas that you've faced
  2. The growth of Islam
  3. How to pass religious tests fast
  4. Why you like helping others
  5. Your personal experience in exploring other religions
  6. How faith has changed your life
  7. Why you feel uncomfortable when you lie
  8. How much do you value spirituality in your life?

Funny Narrative Stories

A few words to change the mood - why not pick an entertaining topic for your essay? Add some good humor into your paper: service fails, pets who act weirdly, a funny birthday speech, or even embarrassing prank stories. Topic examples:

  1. How a student's passion for memes helped her to build a career in marketing
  2. 7 most hilarious pranks my siblings and I have ever learned about
  3. History of cats' popularity on the Internet
  4. Rise of the stand-up genre in the 2000s

Personal Narrative Essay Topics 

Self-development, business growth story, exciting observations, or daily challenges to overcome – all that deserves a quality research paper. Before choosing a topic for your writing, look through sociology topics to research. Have a story to tell your teacher? If not sure yet, take a look at these thesis samples:

  1. How I regained motivation for studies in 5 simple steps
  2. My tips for a healthy lifestyle on a limited family budget
  3. Types of customers you should expect to meet as a part-time barista
  4. Exploring your home city: best places to visit on the weekend
  5. My visit to Yellowstone National Park as a volunteer

How to Write a Narrative Essay?

Once you've chosen one of the narrative essay topics to work on, it's time to proceed to the writing process. It does not differ from other types in terms of structure (such as ethics essays or others). As usual, your paper should consist of an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The introduction is an essential part of any paper. It determines whether the reader will get interested in your writing and desire to read it until the end. That is why an article should start with a hook. Here are a couple of great ways to do that:

  1. With a flashback to the story that inspired your essay
  2. Give your personal insights
  3. Begin with a joke
  4. Provide a shocking fact or statistics

The main body is where you provide all the background information, significant points, and interesting facts. Describe them briefly. Since it's a narrative essay, try to present the information in 1st person. Make sure you tell your story clearly and compellingly.

The conclusion is where your narrative essay ends. Summarize what you have written before within this part of the paper. Adding some spice, like ending with an unforeseen twist, will help you play with your audience's emotions. It will ensure your success.


Indeed, there are so many things in life, present, and past, to create a narrative about. It is sometimes hard to pick a catchy issue to write about, though. Don't mind using those mentioned above great narrative essay topics to write your paper and share your personal story with the targeted audience. 

On the other hand, pressing yourself hard to fit into a deadline might be bad for your creativity. In case of a real problem with time or any other complications, feel free to get expert assistance from our essay writing service. Hire experienced writers to do this job for you. We will be glad to assist you!