Great Narrative Essay Topics to Choose, Guides and Tips

Great Narrative Essay Topics to Choose, Guides and Tips

Are you a writer fond of telling interesting stories? If yes, it’s important to know how to choose excellent narrative essay topics and follow the necessary assignment directions to come up with a brilliant draft. Find many original ideas for your narrative essay, including education, friends, family, work, childhood experiences, personal success, your journey, and others.

How to Pick Perfect Narrative Essay Topics?

Picking a great subject and thinking over ideas is essential. Consider your life experiences in the framework of your academic assignment and choose the one you prefer to speak about to do a good job. Even a tiny incident can turn into the best plot. It should be an instructive story and convey a meaning.

Helpful Techniques and Tips

Pick the theme that inspires you. It should do the following:

  • Observe everything happening around you;
  • Describe a memorable moment in your life;
  • Imagine all the possibilities;
  • Reflect on your personality.

There are many useful techniques that can help you, such as surfing the Internet, brainstorming alone or with your friends, or using a list of inspirational narrative essay topics below.

What are Different Categories of Wonderful Ideas?

If you feel lost and don’t know how to pick the best subject for your narrative essay, check this list of useful suggestions in different categories and make your final decision.

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Want to have easy times in your college? Learn to write an attractive academic paper and look at these exciting subjects to get a head start:

  • Interesting books for college students to read;
  • Favorite novels for young adults;
  • The best thing you’ve seen during your visit to a local museum;
  • Memorable poems that you’ve read this summer;
  • The best book you’ve ever read;
  • Reasons to start your online learning blog;
  • The best authors and their literary pieces;
  • Describe why you like writing;
  • Do you have your diary or journal?
  • Would you agree to exchange paper notes for their digital versions?

Narrative Essay Topics on Social Media

Many people use social media platforms every day, and it’s easy to find interesting examples for your paper, including:

  • How you decided to delete your Facebook account;
  • The video or picture that went viral on Instagram;
  • The most memorable moment on Twitter;
  • A tweet or Facebook message you wish you’ve never written;
  • Why you envy people who use Instagram;
  • The rise of Facebook or any other social media platform;
  • How you describe your Facebook persona;
  • Why you like sharing pictures;
  • How often you use your Twitter account;
  • Does Facebook make you sad?
  • Are you afraid that parents will read your social media posts one day?

Narrative Essay Topics for Music Lovers

If you’re unsure about what to write, feel free to choose some good ideas for your next paper below:

  • The best songs you listen to when hanging out with your friends;
  • Your karaoke experience;
  • Your favorite pop singer;
  • The music that inspires you;
  • Pop music celebrities and their incredible lives;
  • The growth of the modern hip-hop culture;
  • Musicians who failed fans due to drug abuse;
  • The best songwriters of modern times;
  • Your favorite music;
  • Do you agree that Afro music pop takes over in Africa?
  • Who is the person who introduced you to your favorite music?

Narrative Essay Topics on Sports and Games

It’s the best place to find the excellent examples touching on sports and games. Take these suggestions into account and find more details:

  • The injury you had when playing football;
  • The most exciting sporting experience;
  • The game you like watching or playing;
  • Childhood games that you will remember for the rest of your life;
  • How regular exercises transformed you;
  • Why your first World Cup exceeded your expectations;
  • The greatest football rivalry;
  • Your most exciting gaming experience;
  • Corruption cases that affect modern football games;
  • Reasons why you enjoy watching rugby;
  • What game would you redesign if you had a chance?

Narrative Essay Topics on Gender Roles

All people have remarkable and unique stories to tell others when it comes to the issues affecting morality. Try one of these themes:

  • Differences between female and male roles;
  • Why you’re a feminist;
  • Being harassed and catcalling in the streets;
  • Gender biases in universities and how they affect learning;
  • How much did you have to do to get a perfect body?
  • Do you think that parents expect less from daughters than sons?

Narrative Essay Topics on Travelling

If you like discovering new places and you have an opportunity to travel regularly, write about your experiences. Use these suggestions if you don’t know how to deal with your homework:

  • Your dream vacation;
  • The lives of space tourists;
  • The most famous landmarks you’ve seen;
  • The craziest adventure with your friends;
  • Your unforgettable road trip;
  • How travelling affected your personality and life;
  • Your trip to tropical forests;
  • The coolest thing to come from nature;
  • Would you like to visit a foreign country?
  • If you were to go anywhere in the world, where would you travel?

Narrative Essay Topics on Morality and Religion

If you’re searching for some original subjects for your paper on religion and morality, look at these impressive examples:

  • Ethical dilemmas that you’ve faced;
  • The growth of Islam;
  • How to pass religion tests fast;
  • Why you like helping others;
  • Your personal experience in learning other religions;
  • How religion has changed your life;
  • Why you feel uncomfortable when you lie;
  • How much do you value spirituality in your life?


Use the above-mentioned fantastic ideas to write your narrative essay and share your personal story with the targeted audience. If you don’t have a lot of time left or face other complications, get expert assistance and hire experienced writers to do this job for you. Order a custom written essay and relieve your academic stress.