Top 200 Informative Essay Topics for Every Student + Tips

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Table of Contents
  1. Top 200 Informative Essay Topics for Every Student + Tips
  2. What is an Informative Essay
  3. How to Choose Informative Essay Topics
  4. Good Informative Essay Topics
  5. General Topics for Informative Essay
  6. Informative Essay Topics for Middle School
  7. Informative Essay Topics for High School
  8. Informative Essay Topics for College
  9. Interesting Informative Essay Topics
  10. Easy Informative Essay Topics
  11. Process Analysis Informative Essay Topics
  12. Informative Narrative Essay Topics
  13. Compare and Contrast Informative Essay Topics
  14. Ideas for Informative Essay Topics on Religion
  15. Informative Essay Topics About Stress
  16. Informative Essay Topics on Social Issues
  17. Business and Economics Informative Essay Ideas
  18. Final Thoughts

Whether you are a high-school, middle-school, or university student, you will surely need to write an informative essay and know how to focus on school work. When this time comes, most students get stuck in choosing the best topic or a research question for their informative essay. To make this time-consuming process easier, have a closer look at top informative essay topics that are most popular in 2021. Use this helpful list of informative topic ideas to find a captivating topic for an A+ grade paper. 

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What is an Informative Essay

It isn't easy to choose a good topic without a precise informative essay definition. In short, an informative essay for college aims to educate a reader on a particular topic. Such academic papers may focus on defining a specific term by providing "how-to" tips, comparing and contrasting something, or explaining and analyzing information. Such piece of writing does not present a writer's opinion and never persuades the reader. 

How to Choose Informative Essay Topics

To choose a winning topic for an informative essay, it's not necessarily to spend a decent amount of time. The clue to any superb informative essay is an in-depth and narrow subject. A good topic has to be engaging both to the writer and the reader. For example, the essay written about chess or football may be of great interest to you, though it may be boring to your reader. Remember, you should captivate your audience by digging deep into the selected research area. 

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Good Informative Essay Topics 

Below you can find a list of ideas for informative essay topics that are relevant in 2022. With this pool of ideas, you will get a wide range of examples for any student. We have divided them into different categories so that you can choose the most suitable subject.  

General Topics for Informative Essay

  1. College stress
  2. Worldwide poverty
  3. Domestic violence
  4. Anorexia
  5. Procrastination
  6. Homelessness
  7. Pregnancy in college
  8. Racism
  9. Cybersecurity
  10. Bullying in college
  11. Violence in video games
  12. Organic food tendency
  13. Harming impact of fast food
  14. College scholarships
  15. COVID-19

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School 

  1. Best house pets
  2. Unusual vegetables and fruits
  3. Harmful effects of video games
  4. Kindness is the utmost personal trait
  5. Best way to cook pizza 
  6. Secret ingredient in cooking pasta 
  7. Role of cell phones in students’ life 
  8. A surprising turn of events in my life
  9. How I met my best friend 
  10. Influence of color on mood 
  11. School uniform
  12. Child obesity
  13. Over popularity in middle school 
  14. Role of trainers in sport 
  15. Stress and health

To broaden your mind, look through different lists of topics. For example, persuasive writing topics may come in handy.

Informative Essay Topics for High School 

  1. Donuts for dinner: Nutritional aspect
  2. Global warming
  3. Kids make parenting hard
  4. Best way to learn effectively 
  5. Guns legalization
  6. Overwhelming workload of students 
  7. Artificial Intelligence as a learning solution
  8. Openness of modern students to changes
  9. Spontaneity improves life
  10. Role of generations
  11. Link between music and increased work efficiency
  12. Hobby is the richness of life
  13. Being organized helps in high school
  14. Embarrassing moments boost the confidence
  15. Parents should control the amount of time children spend watching TV

Informative Essay Topics for College 

  1. Sport should be mandatory in each college
  2. Role of published literature in research
  3. Adverse effects of processed food
  4. Community services positively influence college students
  5. Summer classes are half productive compared to the autumn ones
  6. How long should be the comfort college weekend?
  7. Summer vacation is not for studying
  8. College dress code improves the academic efficiency of students
  9. Video games influence students' behavior
  10. How video games hurt students' grades?
  11. Video gaming and academic performance
  12. Factors affecting academic performance
  13. Crucial skills for academic progress
  14. Building leadership in class
  15. Community-based and educational programs

Interesting Informative Essay Topics

  1. Information that people get about you from your handwriting
  2. Alternatives to traditional paddy cultivation
  3. Ways to manage stress in workplaces
  4. Poverty in the world
  5. Are rich people really rich?
  6. Diseases associated with lifestyle
  7. Millennial generation's role in economic transformation
  8. Overgeneralization of generations
  9. How does the millennial generation respond to COVID-19?
  10. Global extreme poverty
  11. World poverty clock
  12. Hunger in America
  13. New face of rising worldwide hunger
  14. Significance of apps in modern businesses
  15. Organizational climate and culture

Easy Informative Essay Topics 

  1. Hip-hop culture: Origin 
  2. Importance of family support in sports
  3. Role of hobbies in academic success
  4. Procrastination as a defence mechanism 
  5. Intelligence as a leadership trait 
  6. Paralympic games
  7. Social media and aggression
  8. Psychological traumas caused by child abuse
  9. Professions and gender
  10. Blogging as business
  11. Learning strategies
  12. Role of parents in personality development
  13. Early marriage 
  14. Abortion as an ethical dilemma
  15. Capital punishment debate 

Process Analysis Informative Essay Topics

  1. How to defeat insomnia?
  2. How to cook perfect brownies?
  3. How to get rid of a harmful habit?
  4. How to wash a pet?
  5. How to wash linen trousers?
  6. How to remove grass stains?
  7. How to start relationships?
  8. How to edit a photo?
  9. How do solar panels work?
  10. How to write a great essay?
  11. How to build stable friendships?
  12. How to groom a cat?
  13. How to stop or lower hiccups?
  14. How to cook ice cream?
  15. How to cook donuts?

Informative Narrative Essay Topics

  1. How did I overcome fear?
  2. My special place
  3. A place I would like to avoid in the future
  4. Secrets of successful academic performance
  5. My life-changing event
  6. My fondest memory
  7. My favorite time
  8. My biggest loss
  9. Does money matter in my life?
  10. My first handshake
  11. Moment I'm proud of
  12. A phrase that sparked hope
  13. Words that have changed my life
  14. If I had lived two hundred years earlier
  15. My secret talent

We can also suggest you browse our personal narrative ideas. Get some interesting ideas for your essay.

Compare and Contrast Informative Essay Topics

  1. High School vs. College: Major differences
  2. Who takes much of the life - students who work or unemployed students?
  3. Major differences between American English and British English
  4. What makes employment similar to education?
  5. SAT vs. TOEFL: Comparison 
  6. Difference between a Master's degree and Ph.D
  7. Persuasive vs. Argumentative Paper
  8. Is traditional education better than remote learning?
  9. Nazism and fascism: Similar or different?
  10. Tea or coffee: Which drink is healthier?
  11. Living in a village or moving to the city
  12. Coke vs. Pepsi
  13. Traditional vs. Online commerce
  14. Jazz vs. Rock
  15. Forbes or New York Times

Keep in mind that we have the whole blog with compare and contrast topics. Use them for inspiration and some fresh ideas for your writing. 

Ideas for Informative Essay Topics on Religion 

  1. Church and country
  2. Black churches
  3. Creationism
  4. Religion and modernism
  5. Religion and sex
  6. Religion and evolution
  7. Religion in the workplace
  8. Religion and mental health
  9. Religion and bullying
  10. Theocracy
  11. Women in religion
  12. Islam
  13. Buddhism
  14. Political Islam
  15. Religion and communism
  16. Judaism
  17. Christianity
  18. New religious movements

Informative Essay Topics About Stress

  1. Acute stress
  2. Episodic acute stress
  3. Psychosocial stress
  4. Chronic stress
  5. Psychological stress
  6. Physical stress
  7. College stress
  8. Breathe techniques to overcome stress
  9. Causes of stress
  10. Causes of chronic stress
  11. Causes of physical stress
  12. Types of stress
  13. Encounter stress
  14. Time stress
  15. Situational stress
  16. Anticipatory stress
  17. Stress management

Informative Essay Topics on Social Issues 

  1. Materialism
  2. Social inequality
  3. Gender identity
  4. Drugs abuse
  5. Alcohol abuse
  6. War
  7. Religion
  8. Bullying and social media
  9. Economic Deprivation
  10. Political Corruption
  11. Prostitution
  12. Anti-social behavior
  13. Racial discrimination
  14. Unemployment caused by COVID pandemic 
  15. Child abuse

Business and Economics Informative Essay Ideas  

  1. Dynamics of consumerism
  2. Nobel prize in Economics 2020
  3. Impact of demonetization
  4. Reduction in tax rates
  5. Formalization of workforce
  6. Industrial corridors in business and economy
  7. Gig economy popularity
  8. E-commerce in businesses
  9. Socio-economic inequality
  10. Methods of economics
  11. Economic crisis 2020
  12. Business perspectives
  13. Financial decisions in private businesses
  14. Human resources' role in businesses
  15. Role of marketing and branding in sales

Final Thoughts 

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