60 Ethics Essay Topics & Fundamental Writing Tips

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60 Ethics Essay Topics & Fundamental Writing Tips
Table of Contents
  1. 60 Ethics Essay Topics & Fundamental Writing Tips
  2. How to Choose a Topic for an Ethics Essay
  3. 62 Extraordinary Ethics Essay Topics
  4. Ethics Essay Structure
  5. Ethics essay introduction
  6. Ethics Essay Body Paragraphs
  7. Ethics Essay Conclusion
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Writing an ethics essay is a time-consuming assignment requiring perfect knowledge of the subject area, personal life experience, and proper writing skills. Some people say that even picking a striking ethics essay topic is a challenge, unlike narrative essay topics

That is why you're reading this article. We've collected 60 relevant and up-to-date topics for ethics essays alongside a brief guide on writing this kind of academic text. Let's discover what lies behind this task! 

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How to Choose a Topic for an Ethics Essay

Choosing the right topic for your ethics essay is an important point. You can have excellent writing skills, but when a professor gives you a topic that you don't like or understand, it may compromise the quality of your essay.  

If you are interested in what you write about, you can explain it in a way that other people like it, too. If you have difficulties choosing the topic for your ethics essay, take a look at some valuable tips.

  • Think of the situations you or your friends or relatives have faced in your life;
  • Are there any current moral issues that you are interested in?
  • Do you remember any moral questions raised in the books you've read or films you've watched?
  • Write down all the topics connected with suchlike thematics that come to your mind, then choose one;
  • If the topic is too broad, narrow it down and choose only one aspect.

62 Extraordinary Ethics Essay Topics

Don't know how to pick an exciting ethics essay topic? We understand that writing such a text is a tricky task, but picking an incredible topic & explaining terms to the audience will lead you to success! Feel free to choose any of the topics we've collected for you: 

  1. Differentiate moral & immoral problems.
  2. Describe morally right actions.
  3. Is conducting research using cells from human embryos moral?
  4. What does the word combination "morally incorrect issue" mean?
  5. What is moral responsibility? Explain with your own words.
  6. Is it possible to live & not to follow moral rules?
  7. Doctor-assisted death. Do you consider it moral?
  8. Should society act morally toward imprisoned people?
  9. Is it moral to artificially control the birth rate?
  10. Ethics in Society essay.
  11. What is business moral?
  12. 3D printing in medicine. Is it moral?
  13. Influence of business ethics on business operations.
  14. Are there moral principles that people can apply in absolutely any country?
  15. What is psychological egoism? Analyze its impact on ethics.
  16. Moral and artificial intelligence (AI).
  17. Animal testing.
  18. Sexual harassment at working place.
  19. Professor-student romantic relationship: Normal or immoral?
  20. Murals: Art or vandalism?
  21. Toxic workplace culture.
  22. Disclosure of patient's personal information.
  23. Child labor: Just a way to earn money for kids or human rights abuse?
  24. Immoral leadership
  25. What kind of human actions are egoistically motivated?
  26. Abortion: A woman's right or murder?
  27. Personal privacy in social media. Is it real?
  28. What is your attitude toward egoists?
  29. Surrogacy maternity.
  30. System of religious beliefs for modern youth.
  31. Automation that replaces human labour.
  32. Difference in moral norms in countries.
  33. Cultural diversity & common behavior rules. Is it possible to combine both aspects?
  34. Do you always do what you want? What factors can stop you?
  35. Should gun ownership be made legal?
  36. Students cheating in exams.
  37. Do you always control your behavior in public spaces? Why?
  38. Explain the meaning of" self-realization."
  39. Analyze the theory of moral egoism.
  40. Plagiarism in academic papers.
  41. Human trafficking.
  42. Domestic violence consequences.
  43. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  44. Church and politics.
  45. Legalization of prostitution: Moral or immoral?
  46. What is the overriding purpose of moral principles?
  47. What to do if you witness bullying?
  48. Racial profiling.
  49. Organ donation upon death. Should it be made mandatory?
  50. Should marijuana be legalized for public use?
  51. Glass ceiling. Is it real today? 
  52. Should women choose between career and family life?
  53. Your best friend cheats during an exam. Describe your reaction.
  54. Your dad takes drugs. What will you do?
  55. It is not allowed to take alcohol at the prom, but your friend doesn't want to obey this rule. What would you tell him?
  56. Is it possible to use the church during political campaigns? Is it morally correct?
  57. Key role of ethnicity in college acceptance.
  58. Is it normal when different online companies gather the personal information of their clients?
  59. Your best friend is cheated on. What is your reaction? Would you tell him about this?
  60. Does a person have a right to die?

How to Create an Ethics Essay: General Rules for Students

Wonder how to write a good essay? If you are working on writing an ethics essay, mind sticking to these rules to make your text striking:

  1. Start writing by choosing a good topic. In this case, a student should conduct research, processing literature. Ethics means studying human behavior concerning this or that subject. Besides, this question should be manageable, enjoyable & narrow. As a result, it will lead you to a successful outcome!
  2. Draw an outline that will help organize your ideas. This part of writing is the foundation of an ethics essay.
  3. Create a clear thesis statement. There are different ways of covering the ethics essay topic. However, the main statement should reflect your goals & philosophy.
  4. Start writing with a clear introduction showing what particular aspects you are going to discuss. If an author discusses family relationships, business values, or morals, this writing should begin with an attractive & catching hook. Hooks for essays should be interesting for your audience.
  5. Be attentive while writing body paragraphs. Commonly, an ethics essay consists of 3-5 main sections & each of them should be devoted to specific ideas. 
  6. Writing an ethics essay, keep in mind that to establish harmonic relationships, members of society should respect one another. Besides, without these things, people could do whatever they want. 
  7. Base your ethics essay on a personal opinion only. It is necessary to process the literature in search of world-known writers exploring the theory of ethics.
  8. Make a reasonable conclusion. This is the final paragraph of any ethics essay. The author here airs his opinion, shares his experience & demonstrates a public position. 
  9. Remember that if you need to write an essay on responsibility, you need to use only reliable resources.

Ethics Essay Structure

To write a great ethics essay, you should adequately structure it. It has the same structural parts as for any other type of essay. It should include an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Ethics essay introduction

  • Start an essay with a hook. This will grab readers' attention and make them want to continue reading your ethics essay. 
  • Provide some background information on your topic. It means including every general detail that creates a picture of what you're going to talk about. 
  • Add a thesis statement that reflects your position regarding the topic. This is usually a two-clause sentence that sets tune to the whole essay.  

Don't forget to make your introductory part clear, specific, and concise. 

Ethics Essay Body Paragraphs

  • Include all your arguments in the main body;
  • Provide at least 2-3 arguments and 1 counterargument;
  • Support your arguments with facts and examples;
  • Express only one idea per paragraph;
  • Each thought within your ethics essay should agree with the thesis statement.

Ethics Essay Conclusion

  1. Summarize your ethics essay's main arguments. But do not repeat or copy-paste them if you don't want to look like a dummy writer. 
  2. Restate the thesis statement — circle down your ethics essay with reference to the initial thought. 
  3. Provide your final thought. Tell the reader your main logical conclusion regarding your ethics essay topic. 
  4. Give readers ideas for further research or investigation of the issue. If your text is well-written, some inquisitive readers will be eager to learn more about your ethics essay topic. 

Need Help? 

We hope that this review will help you to select the best ethics essay topic. Suppose you understand that actual writing this task is too complicated & you wish to find a professional writer. In that case, you can contact our professional writing service that will give you a hand with composing a perfect ethics essay.