10 Must-Have Online Homework Planners and Student Apps to Stay Organized

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10 Must-Have Online Homework Planners and Student Apps to Stay Organized
Table of Contents
  1. 10 Must-Have Online Homework Planners and Student Apps to Stay Organized
  2. Benefits of Online Student Planners
  3. Best Homework Planner Apps
  4. Wunderlist
  5. My Study Life
  6. myHomework
  7. iHomework
  8. Scanner Pro
  9. myHomework Student Planner
  10. RefMe
  11. Duolingo
  12. Any.Do
  13. iStudiez Pro
  14. Socratic by Google
  15. Final Thoughts
  16. Frequently Asked Questions
  17. 1. How do I use a homework planner app?
  18. 2. Is there any student app that can do my homework?

Are you a student looking for the best homework planner app? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you face challenges with tests and coursework projects, or simply want to spend meaningful time instead of doing homework assignments, we have a smart solution for you. Online student planners will be a blessing for all students. With these amazing tools you will be able to track any task on the go and plan your time wisely.  You can quickly answer the question: is homework helpful or harmful?

In this article, you will find a brief overview of top 10 online homework planners advised by academic experts. Just try and you will forget about piles of tasks once and for all. 

Benefits of Online Student Planners

Homework assignment only seems difficult when students don’t have a homework planner app by their side. To keep organized, it is enough to find and download a free or paid educational software. Once you check the app’s compatibility with your Android, iPhone, or another device, you may start working on your schedule.

Searching across the world wide web for the possible homework answer website allows to stay organized in all life situations. Still, it’s important to find the study tool which is compatible with your Android or iOS system.

Best Homework Planner Apps

Here's the list of the best online planners and student apps for school and college. Read the reviews to choose the most suitable tool for education. With all possible OS in mind, our academic professionals have found robust solutions for any device. 


Wunderlist is an amazing, officially designed homework planner which keeps all finished tasks  reserved in the system memory. You can access the available lists of assignments done in the past at any time. Business people also find the features of Wunderlist useful.

Pupils may use the planner to book the flights or buy tickets online, for example. Another day, you may order an expert from the talented academic writing team to do your homework.

My Study Life

My Study Life is the best homework app that runs perfectly on any Android and iOS and will definitely come in handy. An iPhone study planner has a special design. The best homework app has an easy to-do-list and calendar to keep track of every school assignment the student has done or still has to complete. This colorful planner helps to keep track of all upcoming exams and tests as well as student life events like parties and on-campus gigs. 

It has many other options needed by every high-school or college student. Classes schedule messages, and notifications/alarms on the important occasions are just two more amazing features.


If you prefer iPad or iPhone over Android devices and Windows-based gadgets, the myHomework app is the best online homework planner for you. The developers took care of the user-friendly interface and appealing design – everything one needs to catch an eye of any school student. The block classes schedule will be helpful for high-school students. 

However, college students may want more options to combine their studies with their work effectively. Keeping track of all school assignments as well as bonus tasks is very easy! It is a good way to reduce stress, anxiety, and catch up with your classes. The tracker and online student planner in one shape are available on any AppStore. You can choose between free and paid versions.


Getting organized when doing homework is a great idea which every student can use by downloading another study app for iPhone or iPad. iHomework is one of the best iOS online homework planners which allows to:

  • Track tasks, coursework projects, exams, and tests
  • Keep track of the assigned classes
  • Get the list of deadline reminders/notifications
  • Sync between your preferred devices
  • Use upcoming homework widgets

There is an obvious difference between premium and free accounts. If you really care about your English or math homework, it is better to buy a paid edition to receive extra features:

  • Variety of themes
  • File attachments
  • Expanded app widgets
  • External calendar access

Scanner Pro

In addition to time planner and calendar, school and college students may be interested in the  best homework app which will allow them to go paperless. Students often receive a list of the writing assignments. This means tons of essays and research papers. After all, the English language requires most of the writing.

To keep your paperwork organized, use Scanner Pro. It turns your iPhone or another iOS device into a portable scanner you can carry to any class. Not all formats may be available on your phone, so sometimes it is better to convert them. This school planner app provides access to such features as scanning papers into PDF and JPEG. Finally, it reviews and edits your college assignments.

myHomework Student Planner

myHomework Student Planner is a highly demanded cross-platform app full of tools to help students stay organized. Any problems with your classes schedules? An easy online student planner along with the inserted calendar will help you to catch up with your classmates and teachers.

A free account is enough to let the users access Facebook logins, enjoy multiple devices syncing, and Teachers.io integration. If you want to get rid of the ads, pay for the premium account. If you search for the paid but cheap way to do your homework, there is a great writing service available online.


Teachers assign essays and research papers that have to be cited weekly. If you don’t have time to read about all existing academic writing styles on websites like Purdue Owl, the best way to avoid problems with proper formatting is to get an easy planner app called RefMe. Instead of just being an online assignment planner, it makes the process of citing any sources fast and easy. Students who don’t like memorizing useless information would love this best homework app!


That’s great if you know English. What about learning more languages? A college student can use an innovative approach to studying languages with the help of a study planner app tool known as Duolingo. There are ten languages available:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Irish
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • English

The Android / iOS planning app is free of charge.


The given online student’s planner makes wonders with any homework or in-class assignments. Just like Google Plus may save information, Any.Do study planner and homework app is 2 in 1. It offers a simple way to manage your studying time schedule. The interface is very easy. 

One of the features includes an ability to create great to-do-list apps that help to keep organized even if you have several homework assignments due to the same date. The planner works on both Android and iOS.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a great students' planner that is available both in App Store and Google Play. The application helps to organize your schedule and events in the calendar, check your homework as well as your grades and achievements throughout the year.  This version allows you to track your schedule in a real-time mode. It helps you to keep track of the regular and online classes and even review some past classes.

Socratic by Google

If you are stuck doing your assignment and cannot find the answer, Socratic is just what you need. Just type your question in the application, and it will refer you to the necessary guides, step-by-step videos, and expert explanations that will help you find all the answers. It will assist you with any subject you need. The application is available in App Store and Google Play. In case you are looking for a Math help app, check our review of best applications that assist with Math problems.

Final Thoughts

In fact, there are two online solutions to your after-classes activities. Online homework planner is the first way to have your schedule organized. A second way is to order fast and effective homework help online from the professional academic writers. Such services have experts in every discipline who will help you complete any assignment fast and cheap. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I use a homework planner app? 

There are various functions you can use depending on a particular homework planner app. But most of them have several features in common  – such online tools allow students to add an assignment, specify the deadline and receive a reminder. 

2. Is there any student app that can do my homework? 

There are some student apps that provide answers to the questions and step-by-step guides on different assignments. But if you need professional assistance, there are some academic writing services that can help with any task. One of the best websites is Just Do My Homework offering expert homework help.