Top 8 Smart Apps to Do Math Homework Easily

Top 8 Smart Apps to Do Math Homework Easily
Table of Contents
  1. Top 8 Smart Apps to Do Math Homework Easily
  2. Photomath
  3. iMathematics
  4. MyScript Calculator
  5. PCalc
  6. Solve4x
  7. Hiper Scientific Calculator
  8. Scientific Calculator
  9. Graphing Calculator
  10. Do you have to use these apps?

If you talk to your parents about how they did math homework when they were students, you may hear about some guidebooks that helped them. They had to do all the calculations manually and suffered from having no sleep because of solving math problems. It was a real disaster for some learners.

You’re lucky to have access to the programs that were specifically designed to make your life much easier.
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We’ve prepared an overview of the top programs that will help any student do their homework with ease. Below you can see the list of free apps that are available in AppStore, Google Play, or online. They wil help you find solution to your problem or question. Check them out.


Photomath screenshot

It’s one of the most popular programs available for iOS and Android users. Augmented reality helps learners do their homework by simply solving the task after you catch it with the cameras.

There’s one drawback to this app - it cannot recognize handwriting. However, it can perfectly deal with any printed text. You can’t do homework with it if you need to solve quadratic equations, functional equations, or calculus problems.

This program is good for solving some basic math tasks and algebraic equations. You can see the results of calculations on the screen with the steps that lead to it. You can view the logs to see how you solved some tasks in the past and do your homework in the future the same way.


imathematics screenshot

This app for iOS and Android devices is also good for solving equations. You can use a free version with basic functionality or you can make an in-app purchase to get access to all the features. You will be able to solve a bigger variety of tasks if compared to Photomath.

There’s a drawback here - it doesn’t recognize equations if you catch it with your camera. You will have to enter this data manually to do your homework.

MyScript Calculator

myscript calculator screenshot

This program can recognize handwriting, and you can draw equations on the screen to get the task solved. You can do your homework with some basic tasks, square and cube roots, trigonometry, percentages, and logarithms. Even if you type in something like “3+?=10”, this app will provide you with the correct answer.

It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and absolutely free. You should be ready to let the app recognize your handwriting for a few times to solve one task. It rarely recognizes what’s written the wrong way.


pcalc screenshot

This is a program to do homework with the most attractive interface. Here you have a nice-looking widget for notifications. To make the app solve the task, you need to swipe from top to bottom of your screen, and the process will start. This app is available only for iOS devices.


Solve4x application icon

It is a math equation solver that will be helpful for high school and college students, but not university students. The application helps solve relatively simple equations. There are two options available. You can either type it manually or take a picture of your equation.  Note, the applications does not solve equations with brackets. You can download this math helper from App Store.

Hiper Scientific Calculator

hiper calculator for android screenshot

And this app is available to do your homework only on Android devices. You can solve tasks that are related to logarithms, trigonometry, etc. You can view the history of operations to see how you solved some specific tasks in the past. It’s comfortable to do homework with thanks to highlighted syntax. 

You will also do your homework with the help of engineering and scientific calculations - they are available as separate modes. Despite the fact that this app is free, you will not see any ads inside.

Scientific Calculator

scientific calculator for windows screenshot

No, we didn’t make a mistake - this is another app for those crying “Do my homework!” that has the similar name as the one that you’ll find above. But this version of the program is compatible only with Windows. It has a nice-looking old-school interface, trigonometric and logarithmic functions, etc. You can view what you have solved before and use those ways to do your homework in the future.

Graphing Calculator

graphing calculator for android screenshot

This app has a high rating with almost five stars. You can do homework using such features as equation solving, unit and currency exchangers, and graphing calculations. You can use it on any Android phone.

Do you have to use these apps?

You may have different types of math tasks that you have to complete to do your homework. And they can be either printed or handwritten. Most of the apps will fail trying to recognize what you have written on a piece of paper. It may be difficult to enter all the data manually and then make a little mistake or accidentally close the app or even switch the phone off.

Using an app to do your homework is great but if you need assistance with it or solving tasks that the software cannot cope with, we’re here to help you. Let us know about the math task you need to do, and we’ll do this job right away.