Write Your Powerful American Dream Essay — Comprehensive Guide for Students

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Write Your Powerful American Dream Essay — Comprehensive Guide for Students
Table of Contents
  1. Write Your Powerful American Dream Essay — Comprehensive Guide for Students
  2. What is the American dream today?
  3. Creating an outline
  4. How to start an essay about the American dream
  5. Add a hook to your American dream essay introduction
  6. How to conclude your essay about American dream
  7. How to write a powerful American dream essay
  8. 15 burning American dream essay topics of the day
  9. Narrative topics, high school level
  10. Descriptive topics, high school / college level
  11. Argumentative topics, college level
  12. American dream essay example
  13. American dream essay example 1
  14. American dream essay example 2
  15. American dream essay example 3
  16. American dream essay example 4
  17. Help me write my American dream essay!

You have just got the task to write a persuasive or argumentative American dream essay and you need  homework help websites, right? True, a very interesting task and an important element of your education, however, you need to be an experienced writer to cover the topic. Maybe you need to learn some instructions or examine the experience of other students who have already tackled that challenge successfully. The key objective of our review is to help you explore this area and explain the concept of the American dream. This literary essay type requires an individual approach, and our goal is to explain how to deal with it.
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Indeed, the topic is very easy. All you have to do is to explore it, learn the history of America, and then immerse yourself in writing an essay about the American dream.

In this review, we’ll provide you with a few insightful tips that might help you understand where to start and what ideas to include in your American dream paper.


What is the American dream today?

First, you need to choose an approach to the problem. Today the statement of ‘American dream’ can be viewed from different angles. One way is to focus on the ‘happiness’ part, describing how the United States’ nation enjoys its freedom, numerous opportunities and the life in a strong and powerful country. An opposite approach is a critical glance at this famous notion, for example, arguing that the ‘American dream’ is just a phantom urging people in the United States to chase idealized goals, increasing anxiousness in the society. 

Obviously, the general structure and the arguments used in both cases will be absolutely different, though each of these approaches would be a legitimate way to compose the American dream essay and make it a good job. 

Regardless of which approach you have chosen, your essay must contain a detailed definition of the American dream notion at its beginning. A thorough research using dictionaries and encyclopedias is important in order to provide a reader with this general information and examples. The following basic qualities are recommended to use in order to explain how this statement should be understood:

  • Freedom
  • Civil liberties
  • Self-improvement
  • Wellness
  • Peace
  • Family
  • Respect from society
  • Prosperity earned by hard work
  • Dreams

A lot more items can be added to this list, of course. Essentially it depends on which approach you prefer and what you think about this notion yourself. Composing a really outstanding essay and achieving the highest grade as a result typically requires choosing a narrow topic. For that purpose, it is recommended to pick just a few items from the list above and cover them in your essay. Then your American dream essay will be focused just on certain aspects and examples, and your target audience will understand your statement, which is good for education.

Creating an outline

Although some neglect this part of the writing process stating it is useless and a waste of time, we consider it extremely helpful. An outline serves as a backbone of the essay.
We recommend writing down one main idea per one paragraph. When actually writng an essay, the only thing you will have to do is to develop each idea from the outline.
Thus, you create the structure first, and then expand it.

How to start an essay about the American dream

Good beginning makes good ending they say. Thus, we would give you some helpful tips for the impressive beginning of your American dream essay.
  • To make a good start, you can highlight how important is the notion or explain your own personal interest in this topic.
  • This introduction  should not be be very long, 2-3 sentences are usually enough. Ideally, it should engage your target audience, make examples, address the society, draw everyone’s interest in the discussion, and gain you true support.
  • A detailed explanation of the American dream notion should go next. As mentioned above, this should be a neutral description, unbiased if possible, and not necessarily connected with your selected approach to the problem itself (positive or critical). The purpose is to provide your reader with the information about the topic so that your further thoughts and arguments could be fully understood. It is recommended to briefly trace back the history of this phenomenon, showing the circumstances of its creation and explaining its importance to the United States’ job culture, public opinion, dreams, and social values. This is why you should perform a good research prior to composing this part so that you could strengthen it with proper sources and quotes.
  • Add a strong thesis statement to your paper. It should be strong, specific, and debatable
  • In general, the starting part should be brief but concise. It does not have to exceed 25% of your American dream essay. Your true point of view on this topic, displaying the chosen approach and probably your personal thoughts as well should go next, making the main part of the text. A couple of reviews are necessary when you might want to change some details.

It is crucial to use different examples while writing. You may take our World Peace essay for a better understanding or to get some kind of inspiration.

Add a hook to your American dream essay introduction 

An important part of an introduction is a hook, as it is the introductory part that defines whether the reader would like to read your essay to the end.
Here are some ideas for a hook sentence in your american dream essay:
  • If you start wih a quote by a famous person, it should be relevant.
  • We recommend to start with your own quote or an advice given to your
  • Start with a provocative question
  • You may begin your essay with a shocking fact or statistics

How to conclude your essay about American dream

Concluding an essay properly is also important, as it sums up your whole work and impression about your paper.
  • Sum up the main arguments you have stated in your paper. Sum up, do not copy-paste or repeat
  • Restate your thesis statement
  • Do not add new ideas or those that would undermine or contradict the views and arguments you have provided in your essay.
  • Avoid cliche conclusions

How to write a powerful American dream essay

You can definitely explore and find a variety of writing tips, but not all of them can be used while dealing with this type of essay. Every person treats the term ‘American dream’ differently. So, we’ve gathered 7 valuable tips that might help you write an amazing American dream essay:

  1. Meaning. Explain what the term means to you.
  2. Research. Conduct a thorough study and choose only reliable sources.
  3. Outline. Create an in-depth outline and determine every step in writing.
  4. Structure your essay properly.
  5. Plan. It’s evident that writing is a creative process, but you need to follow a pre-written outline. As a result, you won’t lose the main idea.
  6. Logical transition. There should always be one between paragraphs, so add more transitional phrases. Doesn’t matter what your analysis is about.
  7. Revise your American dream essay a couple of times, preferably on the next day.

american dream essay

These are the basic steps to compose your paper about the American dream. In order to ensure its success, you need to organize it in a proper way. As a result, it will be easier for you to write and for your audience to read it! Sometimes, students can’t organize their thoughts because they live with an awful lot of different tasks with the same deadlines, not to mention job and family. In such a case, the use of the best homework planner app might be the best solution. So, this is how to structure your American dream essay properly:

  • An introductory section with an attractive hook that grabs readers’ attention. So start writing with the provocative sentences about the history of the United States, Martin Luther King, immigrants, dreams, prosperity etc. Reach out for appropriate sources.
  • Write a few body paragraphs, covering the topic (usually three or five paragraphs are enough). Agitate the emotions you put up earlier. Try to achieve more in fewer words.
  • Write an inspiring conclusion summing up everything you bring to your audience with your American dream essay, whether it is a thought, an idea, an average person’s dreams, or some kind of a solution. It usually takes just a few sentences.

If you're a goal-oriented student who used to achieve the best grades, you need to double-check your essay about the American dream once again and change some parts probably.

Following our recommendations, you’ll create an exciting essay about the American dream which will definitely be appreciated by your tutor.

15 burning American dream essay topics of the day

Narrative topics, high school level

  1. What does the American dream mean to you?
  2. How has the American dream changed over time?

Keep in mind that we have the whole blog with narrative essay ideas. Be sure to check it out before creating an outstanding topic for your essay.

Descriptive topics, high school / college level

  1. How does Gatsby represent the American dream?
  2. How to achieve the American dream?
  3. How does income inequality affect the American dream?
  4. How does ‘Tragedy and the Common Man’ relate to the American dream?
  5. How is consumer culture related to the American dream?
  6. What is your personal definition of the American dream?
  7. How do modern pop music hits reflect the American dream?

Argumentative topics, college level

  1. 3 reasons why the American dream is still alive.
  2. What does democracy have to do with the American dream?
  3. Why is the American dream dead?
  4. Is the American dream still possible today?
  5. Why don't people believe in the American dream?
  6. Why do Americans claim the American dream to be Donald Trump?

American dream essay example

Check out some examples of essay about American dream for your inspiration

American dream essay example 1

American dream essay example 2

American dream essay example 3

American dream essay example 4  

Help me write my American dream essay!

Indeed, essay writing is a time-sapping task, especially when you need to cover a controversial topic about the American dream as a part of your education, providing valid examples of how people live with it. However, we are sure that you’ll make it perfect with the help of our expert pieces of advice and achieve success. Good job!

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