American Dream Essay — Simple Guide for Students

American Dream Essay — Simple Guide for Students

You have just got the task to write a persuasive or argumentative American dream essay, right? Well, a very interesting task, however, you need to be an experienced writer to cover the topic. Maybe you need to learn some instructions or examine the experience of other students who have already tackled that challenge successfully. The key objective of our review is to help you explore this area and explain the concept of the American dream. This literary essay type requires an individual approach and our goal is to explain how to deal with it.

Indeed, the topic is very easy. All you have to do is to explore it, learn the history of America and then immerse yourself in writing an essay about the American dream.

In this review, we’ll provide you with a few insightful tips that might help you understand where to start and what ideas to include in your American dream paper.

What Is the ‘American Dream’?

Your primary aim is to realize the principal objective of writing; the term ‘American dream’ can be explained from various perspectives. It means that you may either explain the term ‘happiness’ and show Americans are proud of living in a strong and powerful country or choose another perspective — explain to your audience that the American dream is nothing more than a bright miracle

It is understandable that the structure of both essays concerning the American dream topic will be absolutely different.

Doesn’t matter what perspective you prefer. In both cases, your essay must begin with the definition explaining what the notion means. You should analyze dictionaries and provide readers with general information first. You can explain how the phrase should be treated after:

  • Freedom
  • Respect
  • Good relationship
  • Wellness
  • Money

The list can definitely be longer; too much depends on your point of view too. If you want to write a top-notch essay, deserving the highest grade, you need to choose a narrow topic. Simply put, pick one (or a few) aspects and cover them in your essay. As a result, your American dream essay will be focused on certain aspects; you’ll definitely cover them, and your targeted audience will understand what you mean.

Tips on Writing a Powerful American Dream Essay

You can definitely surf the new and find a variety of writing tips, but not all of them can be used while dealing with this type of essay. Every person treats the term ‘American dream’ differently. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t write an excellent essay covering the theme. We’ve gathered a few valuable pieces of advice that might help you meet this challenge:

  • In your essay, you should explain what the term means to you.
  • Conduct thorough research and choose only reliable resources.
  • Create an in-depth outline and determine every step in writing. Any literary work should be properly structured. Besides, your story will be much easier to read.
  • Follow your plan while writing. It’s evident that writing is a creative process but you need to follow a pre-written outline. As a result, you won’t lose the main idea.
  • Add more transitional phrases. Doesn’t matter what your analysis is about; there should always be a logical transition between the paragraphs.
  • Revise your essay. Have a look at all paragraphs once again. Besides, it is much better to do this the next day. If you doubt, you can use online grammar checking tools or ask someone who is more experienced than you to review your American dream essay.

These are basic steps to follow while composing your narrative paper about the American dream. If you want to compare a few facts, your essay will have a little bit different form. You need to provide the target audience with the facts that you want to compare.

How to Structure an American Dream Essay: Basic Tips

As you probably understand, an essay is not just a stream of thoughts formed chaotically. The key formula to success is to organize information in a proper way. As a result, it will be easier for you to write and for your audience to read it! Sometimes, students can’t organize their thoughts because they have an awful lot of different tasks with the same deadlines. In such a scenario, the use of planning apps might be the best, if not the only, solution for you. Nevertheless, we’ll try to show how to structure your American dream essay to make it more engaging:

  • An introductory section with an attractive hook. The essay needs to grab readers’ attention somehow, right? So start writing with the provocative sentences about the history of America, the life of Martin Luther King, statistics, etc. Reach out for the source of a matter, the so-called 'pain' inside it.
  • Write a few body paragraphs, covering the topic (usually three or five paragraphs are enough). Agitate the 'pain' you put the wind up earlier so it really 'hurts'.
  • Write an inspiring conclusion where you sum up everything you're trying to bring to your audience with your American dream essay, whether it is a thought, an idea or some kind of a solution. It usually takes just a few sentences.

If you're a goal-oriented student who used to get the best grades, you need to double check your essay about the American dream once again. Students usually find typical mistakes the next day after they finish writing. It happens due to the attention shift — a brain gets the opportunity to relax, so you're able to assess the essay with a clear head.

Following our recommendations, you’ll create an exciting essay about the American dream which will definitely be appreciated by your tutor.


Indeed, essay writing is a time-sapping task, especially when you need to cover a controversial topic about the American dream. However, we are sure that you’ll handle it with the help of our expert pieces of advice.

If this task is too complicated for you or you simply have no spare time to immerse in the fascinating world of writing, our experts are ready to assist you. Don’t spend your precious time on the task, which you don't want to do.

It is much better to entrust it to people with many years of experience in this niche. As a result, you’ll get a top-notch essay about the American dream written in accordance with your demands.