How to Finish Homework Fast: Make Your Wish Come True!

How to Finish Homework Fast: Make Your Wish Come True!

One thing students of different ages have in common is a strong desire to learn how to finish homework fast to save plenty of time. Most of them believe doing homework after school is working extra hours. It is not fair, but that is the method to measure your achievements. Based on the expert opinion of successful students and college tutors, we have come up with the formula for the quickest homework solution.

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How to Finish Homework Fast: Hard-Start-then-Jump-to-Easy Approach

How to finish homework fast? Barbara Oakley, the author of “A Mind for Numbers,” offered a perfect way to handle different homework assignments.

Take the following steps:

  1. Check the prompt to detect the most difficult homework tasks to begin solving one of them.
  2. If a student is stuck in a minute, he/she must disengage and move to a simpler problem. Once a student completes several easy tasks, it is a good idea to return to the more difficult issue to discover that it became simpler to handle than initially.

Scientists have explained it by the fact human brain works in 2 different ways of thinking: focused and diffused mode. The primary one means focusing on an issue directly, attempting to find the solution logically. The author adds another explanation. She shares that the 2nd type of thinking takes place once the person relaxes the attention and allows the mind travel. It allows returning meaningful insights. They flow from preliminary thinking that has happened in the focused mode.

Apply both modes to understand how to finish homework no matter what the subject, topic, volume, and complexity level are.

How does it work? “Prime the pump” with focused thinking at the beginning to have the mind relaxed at the stage of diffused thinking. Human beings do not realize the full capacity of their brains.

Write Down the Details of Sample Cases During the Lectures

Teachers do not assign homework tasks you have not covered in class. That is why it is necessary to take notes during the class sessions, including the lecture itself along with the related examples. Imagine a situation: a tutor is rambling/talking quickly, and the students barely understand him/her. A solution exists!

  1. Record the case and reply before writing the solution. By writing a detailed problem description, a student guarantees a successful exam preparation because the test is made of the problems discussed in class (except for some bonus tasks).

The practice of recording the problem details helps to facilitate the after-class learning. If it is hard to find a correct solution, open the preferred browser. Enter the instruction the way it appears on your prompt in the search fields of Google and look at the offered replies. Try to choose from the “recommended” answers on websites (example: Quora).

The note-taking approach works best if the student falls behind during the session as the teacher speeds up.

  1. Develop annotations. Do not consider it a separate task – question yourself, “If I have to teach this particular topic having personal notes and nothing else to refer, what information may I need?”

The smallest detail helps to solve a problem.

  1. Handling homework right in class prevents students from wasting their free time on those essays, research papers, and endless math problems. A student should not postpone homework. Start ASAP – for instance, during the class! The teachers do not care if students do something related to the field of study in class – use it to start drafting the homework answers during the lecture. Reinforce the concepts to yourself.

Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt worked actively between 8 AM and 4-5PM every day? Similarly, it is a smart idea to remain on campus to accomplish the homework assignments before going home instead of scheduling a big gap in 24 hours. The good idea is to join a sports club to learn time management. Having a rigorous training schedule forces student to concentrate more during the period between practice and classes.

How to Finish Homework: When Unplugging Helps, and When It Does Not

We go on discussing how to finish homework quickly. A mobile device/personal computer is a double-edged sword when it comes to solving homework assignment. From one side, it is a certain risk as the device may distract the student form his work. Those are various entertainment apps and games. Form the other side, such application may help to progress learning new approaches to writing and visualizing the problem. It is not a secret most students perceive visual objects better than those they cannot picture.

It is possible to categorize special educational tools into several categories:

The Checkers group allows scanning the entire homework paper to detect any grammar, spelling, or punctuation mistakes. It can point to the wordiness, improper vocabulary, and other bugs. Fix typos with the help of checking software. Such apps check whether the level of plagiarism in an essay is acceptable (no more than 3-5% depending on the college along with teacher’s requirements).

The generators were designed to create citations, references and generate complete paper templates. It saves plenty of time. Studying one writing style manual like APA/Harvard may take half a day! If a student chooses citation generator online, he/she gets an in-text citation or full reference to the source within a couple of seconds.

Final Word

How to finish your homework fast? Apply the problem-answer-solution framework during the lectures to write down important details. Capture the examples of tasks necessary to study before the exam. After that, turn to the Hard-Start-then-Jump-to-Easy method to stimulate various parts of the brain to assist in solving homework assignments. Remember the truth: by solving the homework assignments in school/college, a student takes less time to learn at home, as he/she is doing it with more intensity. The muscles and brain get over-relaxed closer to the end of the day.

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