A Winning Leadership Essay: What to Include, Tips, and Writing Tricks

A Winning Leadership Essay: What to Include, Tips, and Writing Tricks
Table of Contents
  1. A Winning Leadership Essay: What to Include, Tips, and Writing Tricks
  2. What is a good leadership essay?
  3. How to write a leadership essay
  4. How to write an introduction to leadership essay
  5. How to write the body paragraphs to leadership essay
  6. How to write a conclusion to leadership essay
  7. 10 burning leadership essay topics
  8. Leadership essay sample
  9. More examples of leadership essay?

Many people don’t think they are capable of taking the lead in the team. The truth is that all of us are leaders, but our leadership qualities are just hidden deep down in our souls. One just needs to find the path which they can lead others along (e.g., finding the #1 writing service for college students). Dive into the article to learn more about leadership and related essay writing style.


What is a good leadership essay?

First of all, a writer has to convey that understanding of what is the importance of leadership? The outline is clear for anyone ever involved in the teamwork process. A good leader is the one who can make the team work as a whole and efficiently reach its goals, in sports, politics, or work.

It is important to understand what makes a good leader before composing a creative case study / research paper exploring this problem (consult writing service if needed). Here are several key leadership qualities to include in your essay that can make a person truly capable of getting a power team together in order to reach a common goal:

  1. Integrity
  2. Vision
  3. Ability to inspire
  4. Decision-making ability
  5. Confidence
  6. Positive influence
  7. Resilience
  8. Accountability
  9. Ability to delegate
  10. Transparency
  11. Communication skills
  12. Emotional intelligence

Essentially, this case study should provide a clear description and provide some success examples. Let us proceed and explore top leadership essay writing requirements in detail.

 How to write a leadership essay

If you need to write a leadership paper but have never worked on this type of essays, check the below guide. It will ensure writing a great paper.

How to write an introduction to leadership essay

A beginning must guide readers further. A hook and a thesis statement are the two things make the essay writing process effective and the quality of the essay higher.

The hook (up to 1-2 sentences) should grab the reader’s attention immediately. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell an anecdote. Laughter motivates to read more.
  • A quote: something from literature or said by well-known personas.
  • Ask a question about the role of leadership. You can answer it at the end, or just leave it open.
  • Include an interesting fact or definition of ‘leadership’. It ought to be connected to the topic.

There are other hook types a writer can use. Didn’t find anything positive? Feel free to contact writing service or look in our article about the funniest homework answers

Another important intro part is a thesis statement. It is your #1 idea that you are going to support through the text (only one sentence). It should be strong and debatable to set the tone of your leadership paper /dissertation.


How to write the body paragraphs to leadership essay

A guide to reading about body paragraphs in essay writing:

  1. Each one should contain an argument and some evidence to support it. Use stronger words to show your personal skills of a true leader.
  2. There is no specific order for the body paragraphs, but better put your strongest argument in the first paragraph.
  3. Add appropriate facts, anecdotes, and examples. Writing about essential changes that true leaders make? Fetch an example of famous people's influence in society.
  4. Don’t forget the references to your thesis statement in each paragraph. Your goal is to show your ideas’ importance, but your leadership paper's key points will seem vague without a clear connection to point.
  5. Include a topic outline in every paragraph of your term paper. The top objective is to give readers the knowledge of what is going to be discussed in your text. If you are writing about main leader qualities, divide these traits into 3-4 paragraphs, and each of the topic sentences will present a new trait.
  6. Share your experience. Don't hesitate to talk about your life in the leadership essay. Sometimes we don’t know how much our experience can teach others or gain respect. Did you run a successful event? Performed in front of a big audience? Describe it!
  7. Discuss only one main idea per paragraph. If there are many ideas, the paper will be messy and difficult for understanding.
  8. Make sure to properly cite all the borrowed ideas to avoid plagiarism.
  9. Add transitional sentences — a smooth transition between paragraphs makes them easier to read.

Do your own research and find more knowledge about body paragraphs of the leadership essay /dissertation. Want to compare your outline or consult writing service? Just read further!

How to write a conclusion to leadership essay

Last yet critical part of your leadership paper.

  • It should contain a brief overview of the essay content. If you were talking about the importance of time management for a leader, review key ideas, and state why managing time matters.
  • Restate your key idea, i.e. thesis statement. Never repeat the same words — change it as much as possible without losing the general sense.
  • Don’t present any new information in the conclusion. All of the terms must be defined in the intro or the body paragraphs.
  • Return to theme from the introduction. If you asked a provocative question there, you could answer it here.  
  • Give your audience a broader picture of leadership. Show how it can be read on many levels.
  • A good conclusion should be neither too long nor too short: between 5-7 sentences. It’s best to finish with a nice outline than to bore your reader with long talks.

10 burning leadership essay topics

Essay writing on such a relevant subject might be challenging, yet students will never lack a variety of excellent topics. The problem of leadership can be researched in the context of business, studies, sports - or you can just define in your papers what is leadership to you (otherwise just contact writing service). 

Essay topics all college students could use for a term paper /dissertation /custom papers are:

  1. Key challenges of a leader in a new team.
  2. Top 10 do's and don'ts to effectively guide by example.
  3. Why is leadership good for college?
  4. Leadership skills - can they be acquired or one ought to be born with them?
  5. My favorite female leader in world history.
  6. Top 3 reasons why I want to participate in a leadership program.
  7. Essay writing skills – are they important for a future leader?
  8. Why do people prefer to follow a leader?
  9. Which leadership values are most relevant for society today?
  10. The role of self-development in leadership.

Leadership essay sample

Can powerful leadership skills be actually acquired? It is a crucial problem for everyone who is interested in mastering them. Let us define the leader notion and try to understand.

A perfect leader is supposed to be influential, persuasive, trustworthy, and honest towards followers. Any of these qualities seems to be inherent for many. However, it is easy to see that not everybody can really become a leader. 

Looking back at the history of our civilization, we can see numerous leaders: Caesar, Genghis-Khan, Tokugawa, Napoleon. It is often said that most of such persons were born leaders. However, a closer analysis of a historical figure’s well-documented biography – such as Caesar’s – displays a long path of struggle, sometimes followed by failures. Thus, history teaches us that even if some qualities are natural for a true leader, it is hardly possible to achieve significant results without a lot of effort.

What is definitely crucial for a leader are abilities to plan and reach personal goals. You should be able to lead yourself in order to provide a fine example for others. Self-analysis, planning, and self-management are attainable for every grown-up human being. Therefore, the first step towards leadership can surely be taken by a properly motivated person.

So, the dilemma whether true leader skills can be acquired is complicated. Of course, if you are born with proper abilities, this will make it easier for you. On the other hand, one can reach nearly anything with proper development and motivation.


More examples of leadership essay?

Leadership essay is one of the many ways to create a creative research paper /coursework, to raise your voice in a group, or obtain students’ personal goals. In case of any difficulties with topics, just use this guide or pick a writing service and ask for help — our experienced authors can help you with essay writing, coursework, dissertation, custom papers or term paper review, and other kinds of work with texts and style. Our top-notch writing service is always at your services!