Show Your Life from the Best Side in an Essay about Yourself

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Show Your Life from the Best Side in an Essay about Yourself

“Today, I would like to introduce several facts about myself you did not know. For instance, I had never told before that I used to volunteer my first salary to the organization that helps mentally sick children? I am a great painter. Out of all memories, I will share the most vivid episodes of my life in this paper.” That is an example of an essay about yourself.

This type of essay is relatively easy to write. It is not that easy to pick the stories from your life that deserve the reader’s attention more than other episodes. Some students choose to talk about a family, others prefer describing their school life. College students may want to discuss their former work experience or how they spend time earning money per living abroad. To make the writing process less hard, a person should find some samples of the personal essays online, and we know the right place. Let us introduce our essay writing company! If you have difficult times working on your homework, come to our website and order an essay written from scratch.

Recommended Personal Essay Structure

An essay about yourself looks different from the rest of the academic papers even though the general outline is the same. The essays consist of an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The most optimal size of an essay is 5 paragraphs, and the recommended length is one or two pages. What makes a personal essay different from others papers? When you write about yourself, include these elements:

  • Background
  • Personal interests
  • Achievements
  • Main goals

In an introduction, tell the reader about who you are, your age, and occupation. In the next section, background information, describe your location, early years, everyday activities, and family members. In the third section, call your hobbies. List personal achievements in the part that follows. They may include your academic success, rewards from various festivals, wins in contests, professional accomplishments, and other things that you are proud of along with your family. In the last body paragraph, discuss the objectives you plan to reach within a certain period of time. Conclude by summarizing the main points.

This type of academic essay does not need a thesis. We recommend starting with a hook sentence (rhetorical question, literary quote, joke) to catch an eye of the reader. Start by telling why you are unique. Make a list of things that make you special and try to pick the most remarkable feature or episode from life. We can conclude that this type of essay reminds of a cover letter. The difference is a cover letter should be more formal while an essay about yourself should be a creative piece of writing.

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Basic Writing Tips

The best thing is that a student does not have to prove anything with evidence in a personal essay. The most difficult part is to focus on a single thing. It could be either:

  • A specific episode
  • Childish memory
  • Particular achievement
  • Experience
  • Set of skills
  • Goal

If there is nothing special you can tell about yourself (or you believe so), do a trick. Think about things that make you tick: from the girl next door you used to fall in love with the favorite celebrity that can inspire you in any life situation. Many students believe that writing about yourself is the most challenging part. Here is what some experts recommend: describe the area you are interested in and list your improvements even if you did not get a desired trophy on the contest. The major part is to be a participant; winning is not always a must.

No matter what you do, never present yourself as a loser. The target audience wants to learn useful life lessons or read a motivating story about never giving up. Do not disappoint them!

We offer an example of a detailed outline to let the readers understand how to write such type of essay better! The essay is about a student who is in love with heavy metal music.

  1. Introduction. Music is my inspiration, and heavy metal bands shattered the rules of any music I had heard earlier.
  2. Isolation. Most of my classmates did not understand this type of music; they made me an outsider; got picked on, and my classmates broke my favorite CDs one day.
  3. Solace in music. Love for heavy metal did not disappear, but became more powerful; found my calling in playing the bass guitar; created my first rock band while studying at the 10th grade.
  4. Social group. People of elder generations like my parents appreciate heavy metal of the 80s more than youngsters; inc college, everything changed for better; my band and I became popular not long ago.
  5. Conclusion. Things that make you an outsider at a young age could result in bringing you closer to people as a grown-up citizen.

Sample Essay about Yourself

One more thing that may be useful for solving homework assignments is this sample essay about yourself. An expert wrote it - use it to get inspired.

It’s My Life

My name is George Halliwell. I am a senior in the US high school who was in love with rock music as long as I can remember myself, and that is why I used this famous Bon Jovi quote to succeed. My preferred subjects are English Composition 101, history, & literature. That is why I used to dream about becoming a famous American journalist one day before I found my passion for playing rock music. I am going to enter a college next year. My parents wanted me to study for the business administration degree in England, but I have changed their minds by proving that music is my true calling. How did it happen?

They did not support my enthusiasm at the beginning. My family believed it was hard to become a successful, well-paid musician, and most of the young talents fail staying without any stable income. My dad was stricter than mom working as a lawyer. I gathered my band without letting them know. During the initial rehearsals, I realized that our band has a chance, and I decided to find a part-time job to buy the keyboards and make our music more saturated. The guys from the group helped me to achieve this goal. My parents got angry at me when they learned that I had missed several classes to work in the restaurant and earn money to purchase the keyboards. I invited them to see our school performance hoping it will work. The rest of the parents supported their children. They tried to convince my family of the importance of music, but they failed to do that in the end. Luckily, our band was saved as well as my plans thanks to Sir Jon Bon Jovi himself who was attending our school as part of his charity program. My parents loved this guy since their college years, and they realized that if Jovi proved my talent, they should leave me alone and give a chance!

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