How to Memorize an Essay and Improve Your Overall Knowledge?

How to Memorize an Essay and Improve Your Overall Knowledge?
Table of Contents
  1. How to Memorize an Essay and Improve Your Overall Knowledge?
  2. Great ways to memorize each word of an essay
  3. How to turn the memorization process into real fun?
  4. Simple tips on how to learn a substantial essay preparing for an exam
  5. Improve your subject knowledge by making notes and doing exercises
  6. What is a mind map, and how to use it for essay learning?
  7. Conclusion

Memory is a valuable tool people use to accumulate knowledge and use it afterward. Memorizing essay unlike a classification essay, is not as difficult as it may seem at first. The main thing is to find a suitable method of memorization and to organize the work in the right way. Want to memorize an essay quickly and effectively to ace tests in a particular area of knowledge? Here are the proven methods of storing information in your memory so that you can use it whenever you need it. Check the helpful tips and tricks to memorize the whole story word by word.

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Great ways to memorize each word of an essay

Everyone will benefit from the ability to keep in mind the critical details of a future presentation or speech. To learn the material quickly, you need to eliminate all external stimuli and create a working environment. For active memorization, it is better to use several channels of perception and to adhere to this algorithm:

  • Read the entire text several times, understand its meaning.
  • Use associations (memorize a picture drawn by the imagination while reading).
  • Divide it into logical parts and make an outline.
  • Write reference words or quotes to the essential points.
  • Retell each part separately, then put all the pieces together.

If you need to learn the story by heart or memorize an essay, you're recommended to do the following:

  • If possible, listen to the audio version based on the printed text.
  • Rewrite each paragraph of the essay several times.
  • Cover the end of sentences and enter the missing words from memory. Reproduce the text actively either orally or in writing. 

How to turn the memorization process into real fun?

Pictograms are a way to replace words and sentences with pictures. It is not necessary to be an artist — the more straightforward and funnier the photos, the better.  Visualization is the most effective way to recollect the knowledge in any area. It is also a great tip on how to focus on school work.

Haven’t you memorized it yet? Make the process as fun as possible using game techniques to remember:

  • Replace part of words with pictures and recreate the full text. Gradually paint overall new words and draw pictures in their place, each time retelling part by part.
  • Make a copy of the text and cut into small pieces. Gather it as a puzzle, simultaneously reading the resulting sentences — the brighter and funnier the font, the better. 

Simple tips on how to learn a substantial essay preparing for an exam

Need to memorize a considerable essay? Just follow the step-by-step guidelines below:

  • Divide it into parts and work with each of them separately.
  • Make a plan or enter the primary data in the table.
  • Repeat the essay regularly, making short breaks.
  • Use multiple channels of perception (for example, visual and auditory).

Keep in mind that the details are stored in memory automatically if you're interested in the subject. Writing in a clear language is amenable to memorize. Make sure it sounds easy for perception. If not, do your best to make it as simple as possible and clear up all the incomprehensible points.

Improve your subject knowledge by making notes and doing exercises

This method of gaining new knowledge is especially suitable for visuals (those who better perceive information through sight), but anyone can use and increase his/her chances to succeed. The result will be noticeable in any case. Check the ways to memorize an essay:

Method 1: 

  1. Divide the text into several parts. Work with each area of knowledge separately. 
  2. Read the first part, look up unfamiliar terms and phrases.
  3. Rewrite some parts 1-2 times.
  4. Fill in the individual phrases with the office corrector. Add them from memory. 
  5. Check yourself. Rewrite the essay again. 
  6. Paint over twice as many fragments as you remember. Fill in the blanks. 
  7. Repeat until you can fully reproduce the paragraph.
  8.  Put all the pieces together and retell the story. 

Method 2:

If there is very little time to learn a particular area, and you need to memorize everything quickly and finish homework faster, consider the technique of constant repetitions.

  1. Write paragraphs on small sheets of paper. It is better to choose bright markers to highlight key ideas in a specific area of knowledge.
  2. Hang them around the house: above the kitchen table, in the bathroom, on the mirror in the hallway, on the balcony. 

Visiting these places, or merely passing by, you’ll understand that the eye “catches” the sentence, and knowledge is stored in memory successfully. This method will give a good result and speed up the memorization process.

Method 3:

It is essential to understand the meaning of the essay and understand what you are going to talk. That’s why you should convey everything in your own words.

  1. Read the text aloud thoughtfully. Write out unfamiliar terms to improve your knowledge on the subject. 
  2. Break the material into logical parts (intro, key thoughts, and facts, ending). 
  3. Make a detailed plan for each part. Describe it in the form of short abstracts, quotes, or questions. 
  4. Retell a few times, looking at the original if necessary. 
  5. Retell the text without looking at the original, and then without using the plan.
  6. Strong points in the form of quotations can be distinguished directly in an original way. Highlight them with a pencil.

What is a mind map, and how to use it for essay learning?

It is a thought map that allows you to structure the information in any area of knowledge without any difficulties. You're free to depict a map as you wish and retell the story using a map. This technique will be helpful to those who need to learn but not necessarily reproduce it word by word quickly. 

  • Highlight the critical issues in a particular area of knowledge. Write or draw it, circle it.
  • Portray secondary thoughts in the form of branches in any direction. Someone draws to the right and left, someone from top to bottom. There are no restrictions.
  • Get a detailed plan in a convenient format, based on which it will be easy to retell all in your own words.

Those who like to draw can replace sentences with pictures. It will make the process of gaining knowledge more exciting and even help you learn the information better, being confident in your understanding.


Whatever way to study the area of knowledge you choose, it is vital to memorize material consciously. Learning a text by heart is not the goal itself, but just a stage to achieve it. The main thing is to start using the acquired knowledge in speech and writing. To reproduce the gained knowledge, you need to have a clear picture of the article purpose and critical points. Remember: if you lack either time or motivation to prepare for an exam, turn to professionals who know how to boost your knowledge effectively.