Why Are Students Given Too Much Homework Nowadays?

Why Are Students Given Too Much Homework Nowadays?

No matter whether you’re a teacher, caring parents, or student, you should know one truth – a limit on the amount of homework assignments exists! However, not all school, university or college teachers understand that. As a result, many children suffer from the overloaded schedule. Instead of having a bit of rest after class, they need to go on working hard to gain the highest grade.

All homework assignments are equally important because each of them adds up to the great point average (GPA). This indicator shows student’s overall performance during the entire school education. Based on this factor, college admissions officers make their decisions whether to accept an applicant or not. The post is based on the surveys conducted among teachers, students, and their parents to define the amount of homework assignments which is right for the proper learning process. Please keep in mind that some opinions are subjective.

First, we consulted experts from New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and teachers from several American schools to find out how much homework is enough. Some parents took part in the survey as well.

American teachers named day to be the best time to study, so students should avoid postponing their homework to the last minute at night. The human brain works worse at night. Besides, children should have a healthy sleep. Thus, if the homework assignments are too long, it is better to divide them into several smaller parts.

The best teachers worked together trying to define the most proper amount of time children of different age should spend on their homework assignments.

To practice other activities, it is important to manage time effectively. Here is the table with recommended amount of time school-aged kids and older students should spend on their homework to feel fine:

Kindergarten 10 minutes per day or night
First grade 20 minutes
Second grade 20 minutes
Grade three 30 minutes
Grade four 45 minutes
Grade five 50 minutes – an hour

The amount of homework assignments along with their volume grows with each new academic year. Taking this fact into account, the suggested homework schedule seems perfect.

Not all teachers want to follow the recommendations posted by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Second, many students do not recognize the important role of homework assignments in their life.

Spending time on learning at home is an important practice. While studying at school, teachers first of all want to make children feel responsibility. For young children, responsibility means:

  1. Following instructions
  2. Learning how to keep homework safe
  3. Completing all assignments like cases, math problems, and English essays (take a look at the examples here)
  4. Turning in completed homework assignments on time

Many families believe homework serves for the same goals. However, it has to do with the academic achievement too. Quality homework turned in on time guarantees a better grade at the end of the class/course.

When children come home and start spending time with their family or friends, they unintentionally forget part of the information learned in class. That is another reason to get engaged in some school related activities even after class. Homework assignments may improve memory and help to gain other important skills such as:

Kids’ parents used to be students in a different period of time, so they are not able to compensate what modern teachers can give. Because of the difference in epochs, students are given more homework assignments by their teachers. All disciplines have developed, so there are more problems and topics to cover. It impacts the amount of homework assignments.

The overloaded learning schedule makes students use online writing services to get free or cheap samples of papers as well as premium-level help with homework assignments.

Why Is It Important to Follow a 10-Minute Rule?

Every family should know that a 10-minute rule works! But what is it? It is the rule teachers follow to suggest after-class activities and practice in order to meet necessary educational goals.

They say that with every grade of school, kids’ average amount of homework per night should go higher by no more than ten minutes. Spending 20 minutes a day on homework is enough for the elementary school children, but no less than 40 minutes would be sufficient for the middle and high school children.

How Can Parents Help?

If the caring parents feel their kids of the school age are given too much homework, they can help in several ways.

Spending time on conversations with teachers is the best solution to the problem. First, parents find out if there is really too much homework or their kids simply want to spend more time outside. Second, together, these people can arrange in-class and outside activities in a more productive way. Finally, they can work out questions which take less time to research.

A family must prioritize sleep and health over homework and other academic achievements. It makes sense that the majority of parents want their children to have the highest grades, but it’s impossible if some unexpected problems with health occur.

LAUSD has its own homework policy which says related after-class activities can count for just 20% of a student’s grade. Thus, spending time on solving health issues is more important than working on every single homework assignment.

Research Opportunities

No homework paper can be done without proper research activities. Even kindergarten kids may face the need to research. If the teachers cannot provide students with all important tools and opportunities, it’s up to their family to help. Parents must be spending enough money on the corresponding literature to support the educational process of their children. They can share their own experience in the specific field or make sure their kids have access to school or city library.

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