Efficient Guide on Problem Solution Essay Writing

Efficient Guide on Problem Solution Essay Writing
Table of Contents
  1. Efficient Guide on Problem Solution Essay Writing
  2. What is problem solution essay
  3. Problem solution vs Argument essay
  4. Problem solution essay outline
  5. How to write a problem solution essay step-by- step
  6. How to begin an essay
  7. How to introduce an issue in an essay
  8. How to write main body paragraphs
  9. How to conclude a problem solution essay
  10. How to convince the audience
  11. Common mistakes in problem solution essay writing
  12. Revising problem solution essays
  13. Great problem solution essay topics
  14. Problem solution essay topics for college
  15. Problem solution essay topics about social problems
  16. Problem solution essay topics about transportation and driving
  17. Problem solution essay topics about family life
  18. Problem solution essay example
  19. Comprehensive problem solution essay checklist
  20. Help with problem solution essay writing

Problem solution assignments are frequent assignments in college. That is why students should constantly improve their writing skills and study new tips for problem solution essay writing. Getting acquainted with all the aspects of academic writing in terms of a problem solution essay will help the writer follow the grading rubric and get an A+ grade.

 What is problem solution essay

A problem-solution essay is a type of academic paper that is based on problem analysis and search for possible solutions to argue that point. In this assignment, students should focus on the particular strategies that help to develop problem-solution writing. More precisely, problem description, solution explanation, outcome evaluation are the most useful strategies for organizing a quality problem-solution essay.


 Problem solution vs Argument essay

A problem-solution essay shows with students' ability to present a particular argument with personal views and the ability to persuade the reader in agreeing with their point of view. Compared to an argumentative essay type, the ability to present an argument changes to the ability to pick up the most effective argument proposed by the researcher. After providing the argument, the student should critique that argument effectively and provide proof. For a better understanding of the core difference between the problem solution essay and the argumentative writing, have a look at the table with differences outlined below:

Problem solution essay Argument essay
argument with personal views  

argument written by another author

debatable topic  is as a statement  

a case with supporting evidence

choose a side  

check the reasonability of the argument and criticize it 

relevant real world examples  

explanations and solid proof with facts


Problem solution essay outline

Having a look at a simple problem solution essay structure, students will have a general imagination of how the basic paper should look like. However, it does not mean that students cannot add useful personal points. Anyway, the core plan that can be created in the quickest way is the following one:

1) Introduction

  • Paraphrase the question
  • State the core problem and related solution
  • Thesis statement

2) First main body paragraph ( Problem )

  • Topic sentence (state the problem)
  • Explanation  (present detail explaining the problem)
  • Example  (write an example)

3) Second main body paragraph ( Solution)

  • Topic sentence (propose the solution)
  • Explanation (present detail explaining the solution)
  • Example (provide an example)

4) Conclusion

  • Shortly summariZe the key points
  • Restate thesis

The highlighted outline is highly recommended to follow because it enables students to plan and write a quality high-level essay quickly.

How to write a problem solution essay step-by- step 

There are three core steps in planning the writing process of a problem solution essay. First of all, the writer should analyze the question; then, the maximum number of ideas should be generated. Finally, it is of vital importance to think of a particular vocabulary.  

    How to begin an essay

The best way to start a problem essay is to ensure that the question is fully answered. For that reason, each student should identify topic words, instruction words, and other words. Then, there goes the next task of planning the paper - generation of ideas. This method allows the writer to take a reasonable step back from possible college stress related to the exam situation as it helps to think and make decisions more calmly. The final step of the initial phase is deciding what cause and solution will be characterized.

  How to introduce an issue in an essay

To make a perfect opening paragraph in the problem solution essay, the writer should pay attention to the list of requirements listed below:

  1. Single problem and single key solution
  2. Paraphrased question
  3. Thesis statement

  How to write main body paragraphs

Main body paragraphs in problem solution paper should consist of such things as:

  1. Topic sentence (it aims to outline the main idea)
  2. Explanation (it aims to explain the main idea and provide more detail)
  3. Example (give an example)

  How to conclude a problem solution essay

The conclusion is the final part of the essay. It is a summary of the key points presented throughout the essay. The writer should never introduce new ideas in the concluding paragraph. In case it is needed, this part can also involve some prediction or a recommendation statement.

How to convince the audience

There are no strict instructions to convince the audience effectively. However, there are numerous innovative and interesting ways that may help to influence the audience. Among the latest strategies of persuasion, there are:

  1. Giving life demonstrations
  2.  Emphasizing the benefits
  3. Providing examples
  4. Offering some social proof

Common mistakes in problem solution essay writing

Every student should pay attention to the list of errors that may occur while reading the final version of the paper. There is no need for panic, as sometimes, students focus on one problem or one solution which leads to the creation of an unbalanced essay. Consequently, both issues result in a low grade for problem solution task achievement. Among the major confusing mistakes are: 

  • Too many ideas to choose from.
  • Lack of quality ideas development.
  • Developing both sides of the argument unequally.
  • Forgetting to link the problems and solutions.
  • Being not specific enough.
  • Revising problem solution essays

When you are ready with the first draft, it is time to revise the paper. First of all, you should revise the elaboration of ideas. Then, you can move to the revision of the transitions and key words. One more option to make a quality and efficient revision of the paper is to request a peer response. The last useful revision option is the so-called revision in action, when you are simply improving your paper through the reading process.  

Great problem solution essay topics 

If you have difficulties choosing the topic for your essay, check our list! We have collected the most interesting topics. You'll definitely find the one for your class.

man got an idea

 Problem solution essay topics for college

  1. What is the most effective way to balance studying and classes with work and social life? 
  2. What are the best ways to avoid procrastination while studying?
  3. What are the most effective techniques to minimize college stress during exam time?
  4. How to make colleges affordable to all individuals who have the desire to study?
  5. How to deal with bullying in college?
  6. How to gain independence from parents quicker?
  7. How Twitter and Facebook platforms affect communication between students in college?
  8. Social activism in college
  9. How can instructors regulate students’ attendance in college?
  10. The role of social media in college education.

     Problem solution essay topics about social problems

  1.  How can education be used to solve social problems?
  2. What is the most dangerous and important social problem in the surroundings?
  3. How can deaths from drunk driving be prevented?
  4. What can be done in order to lower divorce rates?
  5. How can victims of family violence be heard?
  6. How to minimize pregnancy between teens?
  7. What is the best way to eliminate racism in college?
  8. What is the best way to avoid generational poverty?
  9. Social media influence on individuality. 
  10. How to ensure access of healthcare to the majority of Americans?

     Problem solution essay topics about transportation and driving

  1. What is the best way to improve the quality of driving?
  2. How can teens be persuaded to avoid driving after drinking?
  3. How can the problem with parking be handled? 
  4. How to make driving less stressful?
  5. How to find the best route to the place the driver has not been before?
  6. How can traffic laws be changed by the government to improve the situation on the roads?
  7. How to prevent the worst traffic violations?
  8. How to encourage individuals to drive more attentively?
  9. How to popularize public transportation?
  10.  What are the best ways for the government to improve the accident statistics?

     Problem solution essay topics about family life

  1. What are the best ways to handle homework quicker?
  2. What is the role of parents in preventing eating disorders in their children?
  3. How can parents affect the creation of the body image in their children?
  4. What is the best way to help children with mental illness?
  5. What is the role of parents in children’s success in sports?
  6. How can parents discipline their children better?
  7.  What are the best ways to create open relationships built on trust with children?
  8.  How to minimize the negative effect of parents’ divorce on children?
  9. How to study money management in children?
  10.  How to encourage children to study well?

Problem solution essay example

To understand better how the quality problem solution essay should look like, here is a short example:

Band 9 answer sample


Comprehensive problem solution essay checklist

To make sure your problem solution essay follows the grading rubric and deserves the highest grade, here is a detailed checklist for you to go through:

  1. Sources. Make sure to use at least several secondary sources and one primary source to support ideas and enlighten the problem.
  2. Format. Check your page formatting for:
    • Name
    • Class Info
    • Assignment
    • Due Date
    • Creative Title
    • Double-space
    • 12 font size/li>
    •  "1" margins
    • numbered pages
  3. Introduction. Make sure your introductory paragraph involves:
    • Hook /Attention-getter
    • Clear and understandable problem
    • Strong thesis statement with problem solving
  4. Paper. Check your essay for clear topic sentences in all body paragraphs, defining both sides of the issue, facts and statistics, transition, clear and effective arguments for a solution. 
  5. Conclusion. Check whether your concluding paragraph restates the thesis without repeating its structure, summarizes the most suitable solution to your problem, and involves a strong reason why it is such an important task to solve this problem.

Help with problem solution essay writing 

To write a problem solution essay perfectly, the student needs to get acquainted with problem solving techniques, have a look at the basic essay structure, study the formatting, and follow a comprehensive problem solution essay checklist prepared by academic experts. If there are any problems with understanding how to write the particular part of the essay or how to choose a topic, and any other issues related to problem solution essay writing, you can easily apply for getting online academic assistance