Successful Guide in Writing a Plot Structure - How to Practice

Successful Guide in Writing a Plot Structure - How to Practice

If you need to write a story, it's always important to structure it well. Needless to say, many students have no idea how to structure their written stories in accordance with requirements. First of all, you have to understand the definition of plot, structure, and architecture of the story. In this detailed guide, we're going to provide you with the main principles on how to practice in writing stories with a proper structure.

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How to Structure My Story: The Main Definitions

Before we start, let's view the main definitions of some things you should learn and remember:

  • Structure - it's a skeleton of any good story. If you're writing a story without structure, you may end up with a mess. This is a significant part of an essay.
  • Plot - it's a part of the structure that actually tells the readers what happens in your work. If you want to write a bright story with a good plot, try to practice tips from our guide.
  • Act - it's a part of the story. Usually, all the papers are based on a 3-act structure where the first act is a call to action events, the second expresses battles and conflicts, and the third shows readers the resolution of the problem.  
  • Doorway - this is a scene of the plot that goes directly without backing out. For example, the protagonist of the novel can decide to do something they never did before. Every story may have several doorways in its plot. A doorway is a transition from the start to the middle, and them from the middle to the finish.
  • Disaster - it's a moment when the protagonist decides to reach a particular goal but ends up badly. 
  • Disturbance - it's a call to action of the narrative story when a protagonist gets the idea to reach a goal.
  • Character arc - this is a transformation with the main character during the story. Without the protagonist's changes, with no moving arc, the novel isn't interesting to readers.

Successful Practice to Write a Good Plot for Your Story

Here we want to put an example of what you must include in your future plot. You can read the scheme and practice it in writing your own work.

1. Act 1 - the first element of your future narrative essay that includes:

  • A hook. All the writers have to hook readers at the very beginning to make them read the entire story. 
  • A disturbance. This is a call to the adventure where readers get to know something interesting will happen soon. The example of a disturbance is when the hero gets the first idea on how to solve the problem.
  • A doorway 1. It means when the protagonist goes forward through the door, they cannot go back anymore. The idea of doorways was introduced by James Scott Bell in his famous book Plot and Structure.  

2. The middle act - this is the second act of your plot that includes a description of how the protagonist acts in reaching their goals. The middle act includes:

  • A midpoint - it's where the protagonist accepts the challenge and makes something to change the situation of the story. This is the middle of your novel where things change significantly. 
  • Revelations and complications - these things change the protagonist's view of the particular problem in the plot. Remember about the character arc that should change the main hero.

3. The final act - this is the end of the novel where the writer should

  • A doorway 2. According to Bell, a good structure must include a disturbance and two doorways. The second doorway leads readers to the final battle of the plot. When something bad happens, this doorway ends up with a disaster.
  • A crisis - this is a moment that describes events where a protagonist makes their important decision on how to solve the problem.
  • A climax - it's the most exciting moment of the entire plot where readers are getting close to knowing about the results of the final battle.
  • A resolution - the final part of the story where an author describes what happened after the final battle. Readers get results of the events and the story ends up.

You can practice this scheme to write a good narrative story. We hope the idea with doorways and other parts of a plot will be helpful in your narrative writing.

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