Learn How to Write Case Study Analysis: Complete Guide with Tips and Examples

case study analysis
Table of Contents
  1. Learn How to Write Case Study Analysis: Complete Guide with Tips and Examples
  2. What is a case study analysis and when it is conducted
  3. Analyzing a case study comprises the following steps:
  4. How to start analyzing a case study
  5. Case study analysis format
  6. Case study analysis examples
  7. Case study analysis example 1
  8. Case study analysis example 2
  9. Case study analysis example 3
  10. Tips from expert writers to help you make an effective case study analysis
  11. Things to avoid in a case study analysis
  12. What is the case study research method
  13. How long is a case study analysis
  14. How to analyze a case study
  15. How to conduct a case study analysis
  16. How to write a case study analysis in APA format

Writing a case study analysis is a common college assignment for many subjects. It is aimed at developing students’ critical thinking and decision making skills. It prompts students to critically analyze information and develop their recommendations to the situation. The task sounds quite challenging and, as a matter of fact, it is. However, we offer a comprehensive guide to make this assignment easier for you.


What is a case study analysis and when it is conducted

The basis of the case study analysis is represented by facts about a specific case, most often, of a  business organization. And the student’s task  is to analyze those facts and questions and identify key opportunities and shortcomings facing the organization based on the case study at hand.


Analyzing a case study comprises the following steps:

  1. First, you either choose a case yourself or the case is assigned to you by the instructor.
  2. Read the case very carefully.
  3. Read the case again, highlighting the main problems or events, and try to identify their causes.
  4. For every problem that you find, establish all possible causes and effects.
  5. Gather theoretical background about the issues.
  6. Based on your experience and backed up by the theoretical framework, propose an alternative solution.
  7. Establish the most appropriate course of action.

How to start analyzing a case study

Writing a case study analysis takes a lot of time due to the number of requirements you need to take into consideration. You should  stay organized to finish your assignment on time. Let’s take a closer look at the preparation process so you could start your analysis with confidence.

  1. Choose the case study carefully. Focus on a case that includes unique problems or can provide a new vision of the existing issues. You should have no difficulties in analyzing it and finding solid evidence to support your point of view.
  2. Read and examine background information regarding the case study. Collecting data is essential as you should understand the bigger picture in the field of study to make a comprehensive analysis. Consider this stage as a basis for introduction to your further research.
  3. Look for similar cases to understand the patterns. However, if you did find a unique case, it’s reasonable to skip this step.
  4. Do the research and take notes regarding your main issue. Information presented in a case study might by itself seem a bit unorganized, so you need to distinguish the relevant aspects.
  5. Provide a theoretical background. You cannot base your solutions on your assumptions, so take time to describe the theoretical framework.
  6. Develop solutions. This is a crucial part of working on the assignment as you show your ability to apply theory to the facts from the case.
  7. Choose the best solution basing your arguments on theory, principles, methods. Making a final list of solutions and determining the most appropriate one demonstrates the success of your assignment in general.
  8. Specify the approaches to further related research. It is also essential to identify the ways one can further work on the issue.
  9. Explain how the solution should be implemented. It’s not enough just to propose a solution as you should also understand how to make it work.

Case study analysis format

Whereas we recommend you to check the instructions from your professor very carefully for the case study format requirements, there is also a standard you can use if there are no instructions provided. Case study analysis structure usually consists of the following parts:

  1. Abstract/executive summary is a special kind of introduction for this paper format. It summarizes the case and explains its conditions in general.
  2. Problem statement is a clear description of the issue you’re going to address in your paper.
  3. Findings represent the issues you discovered in your collected data.
  4. Discussion involves your findings based on your interpretation. You should describe the limitations and strengths of the proposed solutions.
  5. Alternative solutions part is dedicated to elaborating on possible alternatives.
  6. The best solution is the most applicable decision based on your analysis.
  7. Recommendation part includes your advice on the discussed issue.
  8. Implementation part covers the strategies offered for bringing your solution to life.

Case study analysis examples

We offer several interesting examples so you could have a deeper understanding of how to write case study assignments. Please note that the case study format and structure of these examples may differ from those required by your professor.


Case study analysis example 1

Case study analysis example 2

Case study analysis example 3


Tips from expert writers to help you make an effective case study analysis

One thing is to write a case study analysis, but it takes experience to make it great. However, some tips can really boost your abilities in that area:

  • When you read the case for the first time, avoid judgment. Save it for later. Try to read it in one sitting, focus on your task.
  • Highlight important points or passages, so you won’t lose them.
  • Go over the requirements several times. Check if everything corresponds to the instructions after you’ve finished the paper.
  • Carefully choose your theoretical basis.
  • Make sure to back up your judgment with solid evidence.

Things to avoid in a case study analysis 

As in any type of assignment, be it research paper introduction or problem solution essay, there are some points that are better to be avoided in a case study analysis:

  1. Too many details
  2. Generalization
  3. Lack of statistical data
  4. Basing your opinion on intuition rather than theory
  5. Inconsistency in methods used
  6. Failure to be impartial
  7. Showing only the strengths of the chosen solution (using only supporting evidence).

What is the case study research method

This research method involves a deep examination of a particular case that is of special interest. It can cover research problems on various subjects, including business issues, specific characteristics of an institution or organization, and even a certain person’s behavior.


How long is a case study analysis

The length of the assignment may vary depending on the discipline and the scope of the issue. Maybe, you will need to write a 1000 word essay or even a longer paper. In addition, you should always stick to the requirements provided by your professor. 

How to analyze a case study

While analyzing data in a case study, you can use two main methods: quantitative and qualitative research. Surveys and experiments are usually involved in solving quantitative research problems, and interviews and observations in qualitative research. 


How to conduct a case study analysis

After careful examination of case study details, distinguish the main points and issues you want to focus on. Establish the theoretical framework and apply the facts to it. Now you are able to find solutions and determine the most suitable one.


How to write a case study analysis in APA format

If you’re required to use APA format for the assignment, you should remember the basic rules for formatting your custom essay. Don’t forget to add a title page and provide citations in the text and references based on the APA standards.


Dealing with a case study analysis tends to be a time-consuming and tricky task, but with our guide, you can easily avoid the common pitfalls and use the tips to succeed. Still, assignments can vary and some of them might seem unsolvable. If you feel that you could use expert opinion and professional help, hire our academic writers at justdomyhomework.com and get a custom essay with no stress.