30+ Funny Homework Answers to Laugh Your Pants Out 😋

30+ Funny Homework Answers to Laugh Your Pants Out 😋

Homework questions can be rather tricky. Thus, the answers to them can be creative as well. Smart kids can find a way out in any situation. Some students who posted funny answers to various math and biology problems obtained an appreciation instead of being punished with an F grade.

It takes time to study for your chemistry laboratory or in-class math test, but it takes smart mind to spawn something that creative. Below you will find creations of students who had no idea how to present correct answers but enough guts to find out a daring way around.

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1. What ended in 1986?

— The year 1985.

2. What country own Greenland? (Tip: it's not Greenland)

— Not Greenland

3. What do we call the science of classifying living things like humans?

— Racism.

4. Another perfect reply to the tricky math question.

find x funny answer

5. Biology homework answers may appear entertaining and even hillarious after all. There's no even need to be a professional painter.

draw a plant cell funny answer

6. What makes you special? In three sentences, provide a clear response to this question. Make sure to use complete sentences.

  1. I like to play football.
  2. I like to build with Legos.
  3. I am God.

7. How did you solve problem 9?

– Thought about it very thoroughly.

8. Write a story problem that shows: 18 – 7 = 11

– Brad had 18 girlfriends; he used to break up with 7 of them successfully. How many girlfriends does Brad has left? Brad has 11 girlfriends left.

9. Provide a clear explanation of what “free press” is...

– Free press is when your mom irons trousers for you.

10. What is the highest frequency noise that a human can register?

– Mariah Carey.

11. Would you like to swim with the given student in the lake?

– No, because there is trash in the water, and he’s chubby.

12. Stefan purchases 1 dozen bubble gums. ½ of them are blue. How many of the bubble gums are not blue?

– ½ of the bubble gums are not blue.

13. Some atoms share electrons and become more stable. Provide an example of a situation in which humans share something and everyone benefits just like in the case of atoms.

– Communism.

14. Work on various additional strategies. Write down or provide a drawing of how you can solve 5 + 2 equation.

— Way 1: Use your fingers. Way 2: Use your head.

15. How, on your opinion, could Colombia have reconciled the Colombian conflict?

– If the whole country couldn't have, how can I?

16. School teachers have already named this solution to math homework question one of the best answers in the history of education.

solving equation sinx six=6

17. Complete the Four Square with several sentences about your pet as well as a summary. Then add paragraphs on the lines below.

I don’t have a pet so that I will tell about my sister Julia. My sister acts like a cat, especially crying. She licks other family members and our friends on the face and bits.
She sounds like a kitten. I feel good when she cuts up in my lap.

18. Miranda doesn't see anything when she looks through a microscope. Why?

— She's blind.

19. You fell on the ground and scratched your arm. What will you do?

— Get up and deal with it.

20. Help to explain how is the brain like a cantaloupe? Post at least 5 ways.

— 1) It is delicious. 2) Empty (as the rest of the fields).

21. How to drop a raw egg on a concrete floor so that there are no cracks?

— Anyhow, the concrete flow is very hard to break.

22. Apply commands in Spanish to order or ask your brother to do the things you want.

— Ir a la cocina (trans. - I don’t have a brother)

23. Name the main reason for a divorce.

— Marriage

24. What you never eat for breakfast?

— Dinner.

25. What is the half of an apple look like?

— Like the other half.

26. If you throw a red stone in a blue sea, what will it become?

— Wet.

27. How can a human live 8 days without sleeping?

— Easy, by sleeping at night.

28. Your found 10 apples and decided to take 6 with you. Then you found 8 apples and took 6 with you. What will you have in total?

— Big, big hands.

29. 8 workers needed 10 hours to build a wall. How many hours will need 4 workers?

— None, those 8 guys have already built it.

30. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

— In the bottom.

31. In which battle did Napoleon die?

— In the last one.

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